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Michael Curtis
Writer, reader, historian, part-time madman
Writer, reader, historian, part-time madman

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On the lookout for Games Workshop Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbit minis. I have Warhammer 40k stuff to swap or--depending on what you have--green slips of paper regarded as currency.

If you've got Middle-Earth minis collecting dust, let's talk.

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Pre-order for the first ever MA fiction anthology went live today. Currently, only the Kindle edition is available for preorder, but print copies are on the way!

I just had three window glass replacement companies and a hookah bar +1 my last post in this group. Methinks the ranks of our happy community need scrubbing.

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MPC AD&D Dungeon Invaders Action Scene Kit--Incomplete and No Box

Unpainted but incomplete (missing one dragon wing and leg for certain) and box cover is shown only for identification purposes. Most likely going to end up at the FLGS, but wanted to see if there was any interest here before doing so. Make me an offer if you're interested. Buyer pays shipping.
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A received an envelope from +R.J. Thompson today. All was as promised and even arrived intact after the Postal Police took a look inside. Thanks for the B/X BECMI goodness!

Aside from +Jen Brinkman, who else is running DCC Lankhmar at Gary Con this weekend? I heard there was three games on the books.

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There's a new adventure about to be released into the wild, but there's a catch: It's only available through game retailers. Tell your FLGS (or a friend who has a FLGS) that you want DCC #92.5 Dread on Demon Crown Hill! 

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DCC RPG spotted in the wild at Game HQ in Oklahoma City. Excellent store filled with great games. Manly Mike gives it 8 severed heads.

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Call of Cthulhu RPG Sale

Please rid me of these blasphemous tomes! Economy shipping in the US is included in the pricing. Paypal accepted. Also open to reasonable counter-offers. All are in good condition unless otherwise specified.

Call of Cthulhu 30rd Anniversary Collectors Rulebook: $85
Leather cover has scuff on back and smaller mark on edge of front cover.

Q-Workshop Call of Cthulhu Glow-in-the-Dark Dice Set: $25

Cthulhu Invictus: $20 SOLD!

Arkham Now: $20
Map included

Cthulhu Dark Ages: $20 SOLD!

Cthulhu Classics $25
Includes scenarios from Shadows of Yog-Sothoth

Ramsey Campbell’s Goatswood: $25 SOLD!

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley (autographed): $40 SOLD!
Out of print. Autographed by Tom Lynch and Oscar Rios

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Hello all. We just started a MYZ game and had our first combat. There was some confusion about how recovery, death, critical injuries, and healing worked. We think we figured it out as the rules intended, but I was hoping for confirmation. Here's what happened:

Two PCs were broken from Strength damage received in combat. At the end of the combat, both rolled on the Critical Injuries table to determine what wounds they incurred. PC #1 got Busted Intestine & PC #2 had a Neck Injury.

Busted Intestine is a lethal wound so a Heal roll is required to save him. That roll succeeds, so he is no longer in danger of dying. However, he still is suffering the effects of the critical wound "Suffer 1 Rot Point per hour until Healed." The rules state that any Heal roll made to save the character doesn't count towards healing the injury, so he is currently unhealed.

A second Heal roll is made and succeeds. In the rules, this states that the healing time is reduced by half. Our interpretation of the rules was that this second Heal roll also Healed the specific effect of the Busted Intestine, meaning that no Rot Points were gained. Is this the correct reading of the rules? Otherwise, it would seem that the PC wouldn't be healed until the healing time elapsed, and even if reduced by half would result in a minimum of 48 rot points! (4d6 healing days time with a minimum of 4 day reduced by half for the successful second Heal roll). It seems like this would be a specific exception from some of the other critical injury effects described in the table. The lack of a clear definition of when a PC is considered "Healed" is likely to blame.

In the case of PC #2, he also was successfully Healed. As the Neck Injury wasn't a lethal wound, we assumed this would negate the permanent "Paralyzed from the neck down unless Healed during healing time." However, on a second read through, I believe that he would remain paralyzed for the 4d6 (reduced by half for successful Heal roll) days, regaining full mobility only after the healing time elapsed.

Sorry for the long first post, but searching the FAQ and the other forums turned up no clear answer. Your insight and comments are appreciated!
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