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Writer, reader, historian, part-time madman
Writer, reader, historian, part-time madman

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Call of Cthulhu RPG Sale

Please rid me of these blasphemous tomes! Economy shipping in the US is included in the pricing. Paypal accepted. Also open to reasonable counter-offers. All are in good condition unless otherwise specified.

Call of Cthulhu 30rd Anniversary Collectors Rulebook: $85
Leather cover has scuff on back and smaller mark on edge of front cover.

Q-Workshop Call of Cthulhu Glow-in-the-Dark Dice Set: $25

Cthulhu Invictus: $20 SOLD!

Arkham Now: $20
Map included

Cthulhu Dark Ages: $20 SOLD!

Cthulhu Classics $25
Includes scenarios from Shadows of Yog-Sothoth

Ramsey Campbell’s Goatswood: $25 SOLD!

New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley (autographed): $40 SOLD!
Out of print. Autographed by Tom Lynch and Oscar Rios

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Hello all. We just started a MYZ game and had our first combat. There was some confusion about how recovery, death, critical injuries, and healing worked. We think we figured it out as the rules intended, but I was hoping for confirmation. Here's what happened:

Two PCs were broken from Strength damage received in combat. At the end of the combat, both rolled on the Critical Injuries table to determine what wounds they incurred. PC #1 got Busted Intestine & PC #2 had a Neck Injury.

Busted Intestine is a lethal wound so a Heal roll is required to save him. That roll succeeds, so he is no longer in danger of dying. However, he still is suffering the effects of the critical wound "Suffer 1 Rot Point per hour until Healed." The rules state that any Heal roll made to save the character doesn't count towards healing the injury, so he is currently unhealed.

A second Heal roll is made and succeeds. In the rules, this states that the healing time is reduced by half. Our interpretation of the rules was that this second Heal roll also Healed the specific effect of the Busted Intestine, meaning that no Rot Points were gained. Is this the correct reading of the rules? Otherwise, it would seem that the PC wouldn't be healed until the healing time elapsed, and even if reduced by half would result in a minimum of 48 rot points! (4d6 healing days time with a minimum of 4 day reduced by half for the successful second Heal roll). It seems like this would be a specific exception from some of the other critical injury effects described in the table. The lack of a clear definition of when a PC is considered "Healed" is likely to blame.

In the case of PC #2, he also was successfully Healed. As the Neck Injury wasn't a lethal wound, we assumed this would negate the permanent "Paralyzed from the neck down unless Healed during healing time." However, on a second read through, I believe that he would remain paralyzed for the 4d6 (reduced by half for successful Heal roll) days, regaining full mobility only after the healing time elapsed.

Sorry for the long first post, but searching the FAQ and the other forums turned up no clear answer. Your insight and comments are appreciated!

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Forgotten Realms Campaign Settings

As listed or make an offer.

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 1st Edition Gray Box: $45.00
Box has some wear, but the contents are pristine. Maps have never been unfolded and the booklets have only be removed to take photos. Buyer pays $10 s/h in the US

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition: $25.00
Includes fold-out poster map. $5 s/h US

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 4th edition: $10.00
Name on inside cover $5 s/h US
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TSR (New TSR) and Swords & Wizardry

"Foxhunt" for Godlike and "Operation Rendezvous Oasis" for Top Secret adventure modules, and The Majestic Wilderlands.

Make me an offer plus $3 each for shipping in the US.
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AD&D 2E Wizard's Spell Compendiums Vol. 1 & 3

$20 each, plus $5 shipping in the continental USA. A little shelf worn, but clean interior pages.
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This is my well-worn copy of Gamma World 3E.  Includes GW6 Alpha Factor. Set has been well used and shows it (see pictures(. It includes the Errata booklet that TSR released containing material left out of the original publication run. No box, dice or poster map for Gamma World, but GW6 is complete. Asking $20 shipped in the US.
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Ladies and gentlefreaks, it gives me tremendous pleasure to announce the release of Secret Antiquities #1, the latest DCC RPG third-party publisher supplement. Part journal, part zine, Secret Antiquities documents the landscape of Esoteric America, a weird historical setting for DCC RPG. Fans of The Chained Coffin know I believe America is as fantastic a place as Nehwon, Hyperboria, or Middle Earth, and makes a terrific setting for role-playing campaigns. Secret Antiquities examines American history, folklore, and urban legends, as interpreted through the strange lens of DCC RPG.

This first issue has been a labor of love, a mixture of vanity press and art project that simply had to escape my fevered brain. The inaugural issue describes seven Esoteric American patrons for DCC RPG, including Uncle Sam, his twisted twin, the Anti-Sam, Stagger Lee, the Old Man of the Mountain, the Dead Rock Star, and more. Five of the patrons have full patron descriptions, while the remaining two are in an abridged format.

While intended for use in DCC RPG campaigns set in Esoteric America, the contents of Secret Antiquities can easily be introduced into standard DCC fantasy campaigns, and makes a superb companion to Black Powder, Black Magic, Shudder Mountain campaigns, and other less traditional game settings.

The 94 pp. first issue is available via Lulu for $9.99 in print and $4.99 in PDF. Thank you and welcome to the Land of the Freak and the Home of the Strange!

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This has been stealth announced on the Facebook. It's not a Goodman Games release, but will instead be available as an eBook on Amazon and in paperback via Fireside Creations around June.

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Gale Force 9 D&D Collector Series Sets

Clearing out the new-fangled resin to make room for heavy metal!

Eye Tyrant & Drow War Party, both in shrink. Each retails for $50. Asking $50 for both plus $10 shipping in the continental USA. Paypal please.

Also willing to trade for vintage Citadel fantasy miniatures from the '80s.
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Relics from a darker, more savage age of DCC RPG. I found the original character creation chapter from the alpha draft in a folder while clearing things out today. Gaze upon this artifact from a time when there were nine alignments in the multiverse and adventurers advanced at different rates!
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