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I hate GooglePlus!!!!
Hate to a level I have never hated ANY other social media network, INCLUDING fucked up Facebook!!!!

I deleted my G+ account MONTHS ago (probably at least 6 months ago). Until someone added me, I had no idea that Google had recreated my G+ account...all because I still use YouTube.

I tried to delete this shit again, but was told if I do, all my comments, etc on YouTube would also be deleted.

FUCK YOU, GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already can't review any Android apps on Google Play, because they "require a G+ account." Again, let me be very clear: FUCK YOU, GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if I say that often enough, they will either get the clue, or delete this fucking account.

I gate GooglePlus. Not only does it suck ass as a network, but goddamned Google keeps shoving it down our throats!!!


I'm even rethinking my love for #Android because Google is such a collection of assholes. STOP FUCKING TRYING TO FORCE THIS SHIT ON US!!!!!!!!!!! When I delete an account, it should goddamned well STAY deleted.

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I hate Google.