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"I like to say that silence is the think tank of the soul.

Listening is something different.
Listening means taking all sounds in with equal value.
So instead of listening for a sound, I simply listen to the place.

Today it's the echo of the whole river rush off the mount ridge top. It is the sound of the valley and not only the sound of the valley but where I am in the valley. It's all information.

Yes I record sound, and I record nature, but that's just what I need to do, in order to become a better listener.

Nature is as busy communicating as we are.
I find places that are completely free of noise pollution, and places that we can listen to nature at her most natural.

There is a epidemic of extinction of quiet places on the planet.
There is not one natural place on planet Earth set aside off-limits to noise pollution.

Here the auditory horizon can be as great as 20 miles. Now if you do the math and you calculate the area of a circle with a 20-mile radius, that's over a thousand square miles.

I come here to be reminded what an opportunity it is to be alive, today.

Nature is music. And I'm not asking you to get all theoretical here. I'm saying: just, listen.

I recorded well over 700 different logs which I now call "nature's largest violin".

I question whether anything in nature is really as random as I once assumed it to be. That's somehow at some high level, and sometimes, small level... it's all maths and harmony, and wave and sound.

Sound has told me to be like the wave. Accomodate all things.

We think of ourselves living in this information age.
Well, the auditory horizon in the city, if we are lucky, is only two blocks. And you're lucky if you can even hear the footsteps of the people around you. And the information's often the same, the repetitive of just a few species.

I find that when I am in the city, I become very self-aware. Every place I look and the advertisements and the people and the fashion and the conversations... is all about people, all about "us", and I find myself thinking about "me". So in the city, even when we are outside, we live in small worlds.

We cannot think truly, originally and be ourselves without quiet. And that is the gift of quiet: is that it allows the faint meanings of sound to gain its original importance.

This is the time to be alive.
This is when we will make the big decision: will we or will we not fall back in love with planet Earth?"
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This is not America, but it's surely Uwe!
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Wonders of acoustic ecology, thanks to the commitment of researcher Michel Andre. Credits due to Sonic Terrain for originally posting it, here:
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Some good news for the future development and spreading of music notation on the web.
The paper looks at the story behind the foundation of the Community Group and discloses the role played by big actors like Steinberg, MakeMusic and Hal Leonard.
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Too good, plenty of interstellar gems here! Also The European Space Agency shared a pile of tapes on SoundCloud, under a CC license.
So utmost respect to ESA mission and people, and thanks... how many of us could ever survive such little-handy field recording sessions?
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Music, all I hear is music
Guaranteed to please
And I look for something else
Rain drops pouring down the rooftops
Flowing in the drains
As the people run their lives
As their lives are run by time

Another lullaby from my childhood. I remember the feeling that the world could be a big dream, and this song was its soundtrack.
Forty years later, well, I know the world it's not that big dream, not really.
But when I listen to this song, again it seems to be that way, a big childish and pure dream.
The song has to be listened in its whole, the piano coda with the theme reprise is true poetry, I guess.
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An interesting report from the US perspective of things.
By contrast, you know, you can read about a little more shabby picture of the Italian context here: (sorry, italian language only).
Keep in mind, I have to point out that the latter takes a cue from a couple of bad piece of news occurred a few years ago (2011-2012), and it doesn't aim to be a market trend analysis in its own right.

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Tone, change the tone
Invading everything that I've known
In ways I never dreamed
I once was weary of the way they set it up
Channel all your thoughts
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