Scala Erlang Message Passing Benchmark

According to the message passing benchmark posted at erlang is about 6x scala in a message passing benchmark.

1. However converting from a loop to a recursive react shaved almost 40% off the scala time. (that would make erlang about 3.5x faster)

2. Replacing scala actors with akka actors makes Erlang only 8% faster than scala akka. (4.647 seconds for erlang vs. 4.687 seconds for scala on my machine).

3. Converting both to non-parallel computations (ie. remove .par from scala client and replacing plists with lists in erlang code) results in scala (1.874 seconds) being faster than erlang (2.705 seconds) by 44%

Thus presumably the fork join mechanism in scala/akka is still a lot slower than erlang, even as the message passing apparently is faster.

The final akka code for the parallel version (sorry appending a png due to formatting constraints) is below.
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