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Is there an easy way to root/S-Off and install CM on an HTC One M8?

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Broken N7

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If I had glasses I would capture all life changing events, from watching my son grow up to seeing the birth of my new son. I am an IT guy I can and will take the new technology to its full limits and integrate it into my life. #ifihadglass

Verizon SG3 CM10.1 M
I stopped using the CM 10.1 ROM's on my VZW SG3 the bugs were killing me.. Camera app was not stable, headset was not stable, speaker phone was so soft and useless, Bluetooth would crash..

Anyone running the M release? any feedback? 


Running d2vzw Verizon Samsung GS3 on 10.1 nightly. Ever since I updated to 10.1 I have 2 problems wondering if I’m the only one if not is there a fix?
1) The speaker phone is very soft, even know I have it turned it all the way up its very hard to hear. this also happens when playing music from the speaker on the phone.
2) Wired headset, I can hear fine on them but the person I’m talking to can’t hear me very well

Verizon SG3 Camera problem.. I'm Running 10.1 12/28 build and i can start the camera but as soon as i try to take a picture the phone crashes. anyone else have this problem? Video works just not taking pictures..

Anyone try the CM10.1 d2vzw 12/24 build? Does it have working data?

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