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Vanessa Camilleri
Educator - learning technologies, virtual worlds and serious games
Educator - learning technologies, virtual worlds and serious games

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400 Years of Social Networking

“Social networks stand accused of being enemies of productivity.”

A great article in the New York Times today ( describes how coffeehouses, imported from Arabia into England in the 1650s, were viewed as unproductive. People were congregating, drinking stimulants, talking and gossiping for hours on end. What the critics of the day failed to recognize were the great ideas that emerged as a result.

It draws nice parallels with today’s social media revolution. Viewed by many employers as a waste of time (grumpy cats in shark costumes come to mind), in reality, social media has the potential to act as a proving ground for new ideas. By subjecting your idea to the critique of the masses, and if your skin is thick enough, the idea emerges improved. 

Perhaps a few experts on the business of social media like +David Amerland, +Denis Labelle, +Gideon Rosenblatt and his recent circle of 300 ( would agree that social media networks like Google+ are not the great enemy of productivity in the workplace. Like the coffeehouses in 17th century England, social media clusters should be viewed as idea incubators. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take 400 years to recognize their value.

Photo Courtesy of: Hulton Archive/Getty Images via the New York Times (

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Connect with people in an authentic way ...
50 Ways to Energize Your Social Community & Audiences

"Are you breathing life into your social media communities and audiences or are you taking it away? Are you inspiring and energizing your community members to do more, be more and simply be better at what they do?"

1. Inspire them.
2. Connect with them in an authentic, human way.
3. Entertain them.
4. Educate them.
5. Empower them.
6. Listen more than you talk.
7. Learn early on it’s not about you, it’s about them.
8. Know them well. What keeps them up at night? What problems do they have that you can help solve? 

Read the rest of this inspirational list from +Pam Moore here:

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I think that the utopian/dystopian views about technology is slightly too simplistic. Technology is not just about the tools. In this era technology is how it is being used by humans, and anything which involves humans, and learning is a complex matter. I strongly believe that the very wide gap between learning inside and outside of the school walls has a huge impact on the way we view technology uses in Education. Driving a cultural change is one way of trying to start unravelling the complex web of factors that impinge on the way learning is happening right now

HI everyone, my name is Vanessa Camilleri - I am from Malta and I am an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. I am really looking forward to sharing experiences with all of you.

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Social behavior in the communities is being influenced by the online world. Myth or reality?

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*Webinar on Thursday, Oct 11, 10-11am PT -

+Cathy Davidson - Changing Higher Education to Change the World

College was designed to prepare students for a 20th-century workplace and it's not catching up fast enough to the realities of the modern world. How can we overhaul the entire system?

You can watch in real-time on our Google+ Page. Everyone is also welcome to participate live on our Livestream Channel at, and Twitter via #connectedlearning.

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We need systems that help make good teachers stay, and bad teachers understand how to get better...
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