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The best option for leadership development is for students to practice with real stakes, and our organizations are in need of some real activism.

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My fraternity teaches to be a man of action, and I'd like to put my Delta Sigma Phi learning experience to the test.

I'd be a unique, informed addition to our Grand Council.


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A friend and fraternity brother created this website to gather stories of people behind their political persuasions.

At the very least, we can hopefully learn to respect each person for their beliefs and how they came about.

Leadership requires one to connect with people and inspire a movement based on a shared vision.

On #MLKDay, let's go back to a post exploring the idea that fraternities and sororities may have accelerated #CivilRights in America. 

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Without open and transparent debate as to which products a fraternity or sorority invests in, we are helpless in cutting waste and offering services and products of values to our members.

#Bureaucracy #Government #GreekLife #College #Fraternity #Sorority 

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National organizations would be safer in the long run if chapters were to insure themselves.

The downside? We may have a harder time keeping chapters chartered and may need to invest in providing a valuable product instead of serving as risk management facilities.

Success requires some pain ;).

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Entire industries have been built on or destroyed by the internet.

Presently, most fraternities and sororities biggest concerns stem from potential lawsuits, but we ignore an +Uber-esque competitor knocking at our door.

The biggest threat to the college #Fraternity or #Sorority isn't hazing, substance abuse or sexual misconduct. . . it's +TED

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