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Thomas Løcke
Geek, businessman, husband, programmer, gamer, free and open source software advocate.
Geek, businessman, husband, programmer, gamer, free and open source software advocate.

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Libre hosting and libre hardware. Nice!

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Eben Moglen is pretty awesome.
+Theodore Ts'o and I spoke last week at the SFLC's annual conference about Linux kernel related things, and it was a lot of fun. The transcript and video of that talk will hopefully be up soon, but what was really the best thing there, was Eben Moglen's closing remarks, the transcript of which is linked to below.

Go read it, or even better yet, watch the video at

Yes, it's long, but very very worth it, seriously good stuff, and something that anyone interested in Linux or any open source communities should pay attention to.

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New AZip release with archive recompression.

AZip is a Zip archive manager.

Some features:

- Multi-document (should be familiar to MS Office users)
- Flat view / Tree view
- Simple to use (at least I hope so ;-) )
- Useful tools:
- Integrity check
- Text search function through an archive, without having to extract files
- Archive updater
- Archive recompression (new)
- Encryption
- Methods supported: Reduce, Shrink, Implode, Deflate, Deflate64, BZip2, LZMA
- Free, open-source
- Portable (no installation needed, no DLL, no configuration file)

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Google, you're increasingly making me not like you.
Chromium, the open source variant of Chrome, is no longer allowed to support Chromecast. Where's my surprised face?

"At this time, Chromium is not supported for use with Google Cast. I suggest using the official Chrome browser instead. Please note that experiences may vary with Linux based desktops as well."!msg/chromecast/cpADBG10NfA/qymp1sGOAQAJ

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All five mini-trailers in one playlist.

I so hope they don't mess this one up.


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Mad skills.


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"Intelligence" agencies?

More like a bunch of corrupt dumbasses.

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Very good news! I hope this will help improve the safety and quality of software. There's so much crap out there today.

#Software #Programming
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