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Not to Self: Please be more careful about where I log on to my accounts.  Also, please be more careful about logging them out.  Lucky for me and very kind and lovely geek found my account and didn't do anything totally dickish with it. 

I'm in an argument about the sexism "inherent" in the song What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction on Facebook.

Bad Decisions: Not Even Once.

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My hair. Where did it all go?
11 July 2012
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Normally I check up on Facebook statuses because my friends post silly things. This weekend will have to be an exception. It's all whining about not going to ACL, whining about the whiners, or whining about whining about the whiners.

It's like I'm on reddit, and everyone's complaining about reposts.

I'd really like to go to a con, and everyone on twitter who is having fun is making my want increase.

I say wanker in my head often. Which is funny, because it almost never works in context and I've never said it our loud. The word just sounds so silly.

In my head, making comics had been labeled as work, leading me to not make any. Dammit.

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I'm on the metro rail! How exciting.

Piloted too many ships today.

I will be piloting a spaceship for the next 14 days.
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