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Amanda Cunningham
My life is as awesome as it sounds on paper.
My life is as awesome as it sounds on paper.


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9/11/2001 was big.
I read this article this morning. It is called the Secret Lives of Passwords and it was written by Ian Urbina in November 2014. In the beginning he describes his path to finding that passwords of many of his co-workers who perished on that day. As I read it...

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Frank something, my dad the baseball player, and Bruno.
Basically, Amanda went to her first concert the other day. Maybe it doesn't count as a concert. Maybe it was simply my first festival. Maybe a festival is bigger than a concert because it is a bunch of concerts together. Either way, I am on a roll with my d...

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Nail Salon
I went ahead and did something super Dominican, and by "Super Dominican" I mean "Something really girlie that I just happened to do here so I am going to call it Dominican"… I got my nails done acrylic-ly. I'd post a picture,  but whatever. True to form I t...

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Don't go to the gas station.
When I get a ride home. …when I pay for a ride home. I really don't like it when the chauffeur goes to the gas station and then holds out his hand indicating that I need to pay for the gas. My house is right down the street from the gas station. Take me hom...

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In which I again… ask for money.
… Because I wouldn't want to be the only PCV not informing my friends and family that they can give me money. … Because I know you love the idea of giving me money because… Basically, for those of you who remember last years post … the volunteers down here ...

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"Your computer's not going to get cold your food will. Stop working." -Seth R. I guess I can be a hard worker when I'm working on something I love. It's Grita week again and I am working with a great staff. Wish us luck.

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Because sometimes… monkey
Wouldn't we all like to know what's going on in this picture?  I will let you know a few things:  1. I am not wearing a wig.  2. I am currently being a monkey.  3. I am currently loosing to an elephant.  4. I am currently winning at everything else.  Hashta...

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My Scarlet letter
In Peace Corps we are given an almost unlimited supply of condoms. I have more condoms than I know what to do with. When I went off to my site Peace Corps gave me a box of 150 condom and a big fake wooden penis. I was also given a bag of Trojans at a mini-V...

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… a work thing.
Just a little picture for me to say one thing. I am so thankful to all the powers that be, because the guy I work with now has use of a computer so we can work side by side. We are still doing the same stuff, so really not much has changed, but really it is...

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Time to clean the bathroom...
The house I live in has been invaded this summer. That is a bit of an overstatement, but by my calculations closet to 15 people have slept here this summer. At most I think we had 10 people at one time. All of this was functioning on one bathroom. At the be...
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