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Jessica Lynt

Is there anyone still even in this group?

Hey, so I obviously haven't been the best owner of this group... How've you all been? I missed you all...

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Hahaha I find this hilarious. We always knew they all had problems. Especially Payn. (Zayn)
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You guys I found wifi up in Montana and I just wanted to share this lovely picture with all of you. This is amazing.

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, when I saw a post on a news website. Apparently Harry Styles got mad at a fan and pointed a finger at her and was being mean. Way to go Harry, you've just earned yourself more hate. Along with the rest of the boys. (Notice I didn't say men, because they aren't actually men.)

We now have 151 people in this community to be exact!!! I never thought it would get as big as this, but it did somehow! And I know you might be thinking, Ehh 151 people isn't a lot, but for me and others it is, especially because this community was one of my 8th grade works, and I was a loser back then. 😂 but this also means 1D is getting worse and more people are hating!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve everybody! Happy holidays and happy hating!!

Who on here (if any) has the MC Amino app?? I'll follow you if you do, and if you don't you should check it out if you like minecraft. Some great content on there.

This isn't really related to hating 1D at all, but who has snapchat?? Drop your names in the comments so I can add you! My Username is Area51Jessie

Does anyone on here like Magcon??
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