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Helder Novais
Lemperyum Games - Complexed Simplicity
Lemperyum Games - Complexed Simplicity

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Dead? No. Moved? Yes.
Willkommen. I'm here to write something I should have written before, a really long time ago. I started a new website. Now I'm using Tumblr's technology. I don't necessarily am within the Tumblr community. I simply chose Tumblr because it gives me a nice am...

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April Fool's +David Hasselhoff 

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Little Update
Well Blogger, I'm sorry I haven't been using you for a while. A big while, I mean.
I feel sorry.
There are tons of bloggers out there that simply move away from their blogs.
Blogspot (the one I use) doesn't promote anything. Finding a nice blog is rare. Fir...

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What Me is doing?
Oh blog. Oh my dear blog... Now's time to update what I'm doing. I'm currently making a game that currently doesn't have a name. And yes, after weeks of development Plane Flame was cancelled.  About Nightmosphere... Oh well.... I am only going to be able to...

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I am not dead
I've been promising myself to write at least one post here on my blog, but nothing got to success. Always thinking about it, but work catches me. I should stop a little bit of it. I'm glad I was able to come here and successfully post something on my blog. ...

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Great. It is very useful :)
Today’s word is “taezu (all the time; always; continually; constantly; continuously)”.

*Sono ko wa taezu kusukusu waratteita. その子は絶えずくすくす笑っていた。 — The child was giggling all the time.
*Souiu tachiba ni aru hito wa taezu sutoresu ga aru. そういう立場にある人は絶えずストレスがある。  — People in such positions are always under stress.

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I've been very busy
Since I got my new computer and started getting my hands up on work, I've been forgetting about posting on my blog. It's not really forgetting, because I always thinking of it :). But yes, like it's readable on the title,  (I presume), I have been very busy...

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A-ion Extra Info
A-ion  Extra Info N A M E A-ion L A N G U A G E English S O U R C E    C O D E Yes D A T E    O F    R E L E A S E November 3, 2013 P R O G R A M M I N G    L A N G U A G E C# F R A M E W O R K S / E N G I N E S Microsoft Visual .NET used with Visual C# R E...

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Dodge Tanks Extra Info
DODGE TANKS  Extra Info N A M E Dodge Tanks L A N G U A G E English S O U R C E    C O D E Yes D A T E    O F    R E L E A S E October 28, ‎2013 P R O G R A M M I N G    L A N G U A G E C# F R A M E W O R K S / E N G I N E S Microsoft Visual .NET used with ...
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