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Welcome December
Wow it’s getting closer to 2016… and also Christmas! The
best time of the year! Well, myself really wish next year will be better,
because this year honestly a tough year for me… but it’s not like there’s
nothing to thank for. It’s just not the best. So man...

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Grunge Is Not A Trend
Hai guys! What's up? I miss blogging so much! Sorry I left, it's a connection problem for sho;( Okay! Now I'm going to share about the recent outfit I wore. It's grungy kinda mood.   Grunge style is not sumthing that you find difficult to mix and match. It'...

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Cindy Amelia commented on a post on Blogger.
that must've been a fun trip?:)
how awful to hear about the restaurant tho:(
I followed you back btw! followback?
let's keep in touch!<3

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Keeping Formal
Just a quick hi, this is the formal outfit that I wore before OOTD
competition (read my previous post here ). My bestie and I met this cutie fashion blogger, her name is Graciella well-called as Grace. I’ve already met her once actually, our first
meet was ...

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Dreamers Festival #OOTDF2015
Hey guys! What's up? Last
saturday I joined a competition on Dreamers Festival, Outfit Of The Day
Competition to be exact... Actually my bff georgia who told me about
this competition from january, at first I wasn't so sure to join,
because I never win ...

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In My Mind
Hello guys! I feel so stupid now, I said that I'm gonna be active with my blog stuff but the fact is I'm not. haha Well, here I go. Last month I went to Karawang, my sister Angel works
there now, she said there are couple of beautiful places in Karawang

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All Black, Indeed.
First post this year... Well, the beginning of the year is not that
great, good, but not great... To be honest, I'm not that excited about
welcoming 2015, just not like last year, i was feeling so excited about
it, I bought some new cloths, firework...

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Cindy Amelia commented on a post on Blogger.
Happy New year!!:)
I'd like to follow each other:)
Already followed you on GFC, maybe a followback?
And kindly leave a comment on my newest post, thanks!

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Boots On The Ground
It’s quite cold outside... of course not everyday, that’s
why I always like when it’s raining... So this is my wraps outfit as I said on
my prev post, with a gift jacket from my aunty, and my sister’s red scarf, and
a black booth that I bought so many years...

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Missing Rain
It’s been a very long time to wait for rain... And guess
what? It’s raining outside! I love rain so much, you know why? Because it
reminds me of christmas! And yes christmas is coming! The best time of the year
WOHOO! This knit crop shirt I bought in the lo...
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