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This is REALLY why I love Obama

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Now I have seen it all. Red neck turtle burgers. (not real turtles) I gotta try one!!!!


Fuck yeah, G+!! Let's party like no one cares about us. It's like being in a vacant mansion.

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Japan Earthquake: One Year Later - 45 photos - - This Sunday, March 11, will mark the one-year anniversary of the horrific earthquake that struck northeastern Japan, spawning an incredibly destructive tsunami that crippled the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Japan mourns the confirmed deaths of more than 15,850 people, and still lists 3,287 as missing 12 months later. Questions remain about rebuilding the ruins, cleaning up the nuclear exclusion zone, and deciding the future of nuclear power in Japan. Collected here are recent images of those affected by the disaster, coping and moving on one year later.
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Yes, please.
a project by yasui HIDEO atelier
karuizawa, nagano prefecture, japan, completed 2011
Drawing their inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of paper folding origami, the Tokyo-based practice Yasui Hideo Atelier have designed this recently-completed museum complex in the city of Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture. The deconstructed, multifaceted, 423.51-square-meters two-storey building is supported by a steel structure while its characteristic sharp edges and sky-piercing spikes have been developed in titanium and glass.

From the Architect:
‘The inspiration came from origami, the well-known Japanese paper craft technique, which I united with the nature found in the site of Yatsugatake mountain area in Nagano. Since the facility is located next to the world famous Japanese artist/painter’s museum, I wanted to harmonise Japanese traditional element and Japanese modern aspect and create an unique architecture.

‘I totally wanted to differentiate my work from the museum designed with lots of curves; I used straight lines to make a significant contrast, while showing its originality, but still, I think my work has a well-balance with the museum.’

‘I would say developing origami object to a real architecture has been a big challenge; at first, I created objects from paper with origami technique, then I developed the structure to a real architectural one by playing with different triangular parts.’

text and images via:
Daily Tonic:
Karuizawa Museum Complex by Yasui Hideo Atelier (19 photos)
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A paper co-authored by Glenn School Professor Robert Greenbaum is highlighted on the Regional Science and Urban Economics website as their third most highly cited paper of the past five years. Greenbaum wrote, “Do local tax incentives affect economic growth? What mean impacts miss in the analysis of enterprise zone policies” with Daniele Bondonio, an associate professor at the University of Piemonte Orientale in Italy.

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