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The Consultants of Gplus
Business consultants, manufacturing, social media, marketing, you name it!
Business consultants, manufacturing, social media, marketing, you name it!

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Businesses and Consultants, lets talk!

Consultants should meet other consultants, synergy can definitely be beneficial!

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FYI to those of you looking for a Software Job (3 options in Germany)
We have jobs!

Our work group at the Fraunhofer IWES in Kassel, Germany is looking for three additional employees. All of them have to do with our main product, the energy management software OGEMA:

Working here has many advantages - among the most important:

- You would work at one of the leading institutions involved in renewable energy research, and help make the Green Energy revolution a reality.

- The Fraunhofer Society is one of the most prestigious employers in Germany, and most projects involve working with multiple industry partners. Thus, working here will likely give a significant boost to your career and provide numerous useful connections for the future.

All of the positions require knowledge of Java development, with knowledge of embedded systems a huge plus.

The first position would focus on improving the security aspects of the platform:

The second would focus on general development of the next generation of the platform:

The third one would focus on writing specific Apps (for particular device types or uses) for it:

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested. And if you have any further questions about these jobs, don't hesitate to ask.

Meet the Consultants of Google Plus V4

We are looking for more Consultants and we are looking for Businesses that we can help fill their consulting needs!

Have your businesses needs advertised to over 23,000 people! We will find someone to help your business succeed!

+Daniel Ely Rankin

The Pitches #tCoGP

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Everyone Meet +Harry Ponack - Market Research Strategies Consultant

I am a goverment contracting consultant. I specialize in market research strategies. Anybody wishing to increase their pipeline. I show you how.

#tCoGP <-- for more pitches

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Businesses need consultants, and consultants need a way to meet businesses.

That is the idea for this page.

So, businesses, tell us your needs, and we will find you consultants to talk with and choose from.

Our goal will be to find you 3 consultants you can speak to, that fit your needs, so you can grow your business and make it more profitable. You can then choose the right one for your goals.

Your needs will be researched and publicized by +Daniel Ely Rankin and shared with his 23,000+ followers.

Let's build something great together

~The Consultants #tCoGP <-- our first handful of pitches

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Everyone Meet Multi-Cultural Marketing and Social Consultant +Sean Cowen.

Born in Iowa, raised in Maryland, lived in California and Nevada, and with 7 years of living abroad in Prague, the Czech Republic, I am adept at multi-cultural approaches to social media and marketing. I have a broad, all-encompassing world view that shows how this is, indeed, a very small world now.

As VP Marketing at my current co, I work with all aspects of marketing and advertising, SEO, SEM, web design, Google Analytics, Google Ads, PR, and I am our resident SME (Social Media Expert). I am a jack-of-all-trades when looking at small and medium business aspirations and goals, and helping them to asses their strengths and weaknesses.

Consulting is a new area for me, and it's informed by skills earned through ten+ years of online marketing and promotion of my own businesses via Amazon and Ebay, my attendance at multiple Ebay conventions, through my attendance at the Dave Ramsey EntreLeadership Conference in Nashville, and through other professional conferences.

Most of all, my education as a Graduate Coach and teacher for Dale Carnegie Leadership and Public Speaking classes has given me powerful public speaking and organizational skills. I've gone through class as a student, and have additionally coached two additional 14-week classes. This extensive training has given me a broad insight into business communications and strategic planning, and has especially shown me how to set and organize new goals and social media plans. As well, if you need a motivational speaker for your organization to talk to a group of ten people, or 10,000, I am your man!

First Gen user on Google+ and Certified in SEOToolset® and Pixelsilk™ CMS. Dale Carnegie trained.


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Everyone Meet Consultant +Michael Stuart- Web Designer/IT Specialist.

I'm +Michael Stuart a 30+ web designer / IT specialist. I have been doing consulting on the side for 10+ years. Our business +Stu Stu Studio has myself and my wife who does professional photography. She is very active on our Facebook page but not so much on Google+ yet.

For other pitches: #tCoGP

Any Businesses want to pitch a request for a consultant?

I have a network of 10+ consultants pitching so far, over 100 followers to this page, and personally 22,700 followers that it will be broadcast to.

+Daniel Ely Rankin

Give us your PITCHES!

+Daniel Ely Rankin

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Innocentive is an interesting way to make a few extra dollars. Its a crowd sourcing site for innovation and fits into the consultant's model very well.

I suggest you check out the site, see if anything is up your alley.
Have you ever wanted to partner with a $10 Billion dollar company?

This innocentive challenge is different than most, it is looking for PARTNERS to develop Products that Enable the Elderly to Fulfill their Potential.

A really cool challenge, that if your idea is selected by the company, they will sit down and write a contract to co develop your product.

FYI, this is a referral link, so I'd get a kickback if you sign up but it doesn't detract from your earnings at all.

Innocentive is an awesome company, I've previously won $3,000 last year, and have it in hand so I can add some credibility to it.

Crowdsourcing innovation.

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