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Preordering my #ingressorigins from Midtown Comics. Hope it's a good read! +Ingress

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Added photos to #IngressFS: Long Island.

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IngressFS at Eisenhower Park

Long Island, New York is hosting our first #FS event on Saturday, May 2nd from 11am - 1pm in beautiful Eisenhower Park!

Please consider joining us at this event!
* 40+ unique portals in the memorial section of the park.
* 3 missions in the park, with ~10 in surrounding communities.

At Checkin, we will have maps of the local area with portal hotspots to pick up if you want to travel away from the park.


10am-10:30am: Agents will head out to clear the park, and get it neutral for the start of the event.

10:30am-11am: Checkin of scanners and recording of Starting AP/Level, Additionally tips and advice will be given out to newer players as well as a map highlighting some of the nearby areas with higher portal concentrations.

11am-1pm: AP and Leveling! Wander the park, head to nearby areas, collect as much AP and Levels as possible!

1pm-1:30pm: Checkback in, get your scanners checked, and scores tabulated. We will give out awards to agents with highest AP and Level gains on both sides. 

1:30pm: Picnic and BBQ in the park, we are gonna try to find space to do this and just in general hang out. Secret Capsule Exchange, and other activities are being considered to do for fun, and keep the event social.

Meetup Portal:,-73.578574&z=18&pll=40.731074,-73.579311

Google Map of Meetup Location:,-73.5793595,50m/data=!3m1!1e3

Parking in Field 6 or 6A would be the best locations for the event.

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Mission Sabre Open
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