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Has anyone DCCified the Deck of Many Things? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for doing so?

My PCs are currently exploring Tegel Manor. I've done most of the conversion on the fly, but the magic items require a bit more forethought. I don't want to omit it, because the Deck appeals to me greatly, but I think it needs some work to feel truly DCCish. 

I'm running a game at +Common Room Games in Bloomington, Indiana, on Free RPG Day (Saturday, June 20th, at 1 pm), and you're invited. Call the store at (812) 333-4263 to reserve your spot.

“Hroon Hroon is dead! His funeral rites are begun!” So the Woolly Manmoths’ wail, and accompany that cry with a mournful trumpeting. Now they drag their high priest's wheeled pyramid through all the settlements of man, and demand the younger races grieve and pay honor to the great Hroon Hroon. At last the funeral procession comes to your village, where the Manmoths will make their final stop before proceeding to the fabled Hierophants’ Graveyard.

In the market, beggars whisper that the wheeled pyramid’s axles sag beneath a fortune in ivory and gold, and drugged sophists debate what arcane secrets lie within its walls.

The spoils are there for any scoundrel bold enough to take them!

I played in +Brendan LaSalle's "Neon Knights" at Origins Game Fair on Friday morning, and I had fun.  Our session was a nearly perfect illustration of DCC's peculiar charms. Our wizard rolled his mercurial effects at the table, and they ranged from the awesomely terrible (killing an acquaintance every time he cast "Sleep") to the terribly awesome (casting "Strength" on a d30). The same wizard also suffered corruption (a botched "Enlarge" caused his shins to double in length) and a misfire (he was left with the strength of a baby after rolling a 1 -- on the d30! -- while casting "Strength.")

I don't want to spoil anything about the adventure, since I think Brendan will be running it at other conventions this year. I will say that, as good as "Neon Knights" is as a convention game, it would work even better as part of an ongoing campaign. There's potentially a difficult decision to be made in the course of the adventure, and I think it would be even harder for players who have spent a little more time with their own and each other's characters.  Our party blundered past this decision with a curious combination of luck and misfortune -- or maybe lucky misfortune -- but the cost we (sort of) avoided paying was visible in retrospect, and the paths not taken have kept thoughts of "Neon Knights" bouncing around in my head since the session ended.

In short: if you get an opportunity to play "Neon Knights," do so.       

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Anyone have any thoughts about invoking a patron to whom a wizard or elf has not bonded? I am inclined to go down the dice chain significantly, but not so significantly that it becomes functionally impossible.  Maybe d12, or d10?

The player-in-question's reasons for forgoing the bond and cutting right to the invocation are pretty solid from a role-playing perspective, I think, so I'm inclined to allow him to break the letter of the law in this case. But I'd like to hear others' thoughts.

I'm seeking stories of cool things players have done with Ekim's Mystical Mask:

Over the last couple of years, I've had several players whose wizards have randomly rolled Ekim's Mystical Mask as one of their starting spells, but I cannot recall anyone actually casting it.  Now I'm playing a wizard and have rolled Ekim's Mystical Mask as a starting spell, with an appropriate but dire mercurial effect (the spell causes corruption each time it is cast -- no doubt an effect of casually covering and uncovering one's face with extraplanar energies). I don't want my character to become yet another wizard who never casts Ekim's Mystical Mask. 

So what cool things have players done with Ekim's Mystical Mask in your games?

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I loved the Sleestaks in your game at GenCon. Lately, I've been running a DCC campaign for a party of cave-people, and I'll definitely drop these fellow into a session in the near future.
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