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Do not go to any Mor Furniture store. This experience is similar to co workers that I have. We went there and saw plenty of living room sets. Nice stuff. When we went to place an order for a set that the wife loved. We were told it was going to be 12 weeks for us to get it. This was back in September of this year. That was going to cut it close to Thanksgiving which we wanted it before then. So we went around and looked for other items. She found a second set. So we went to place the order and they said 8 weeks. They promised a delivery date of 11/04/2014. The date came around and nothing. So we called them up and they apologized and said it was in a shipping container coming from Italy. It should be here by the 17th of November. They said that was the new ship date. We were cutting it close and the wife was starting to get frustrated. We were going to cancel the order and they said not too. They promised that they were going to deliver to Washington and give us a 100.00 in store credit. Thanks, even though you cant buy anything for 100 dollars. The 17th came around and no furniture. They called us and said the new ship date was going to be the 19th. Furniture finally comes in the door along with a bed we had also purchased during the wait. I know we should not have. The couches came in and they flipped them over to put the footings in. The lining underneath was ripped on the love seat and the sofa. The guys had taken them out of the with the liners and so it was not there fault. They looked like they had been working hard. So when they started to put the footings the wooden dowels did not line up with the footings. The footings were not flush with the frame of the couch. The footings were facing all sorts of odd directions on all three pieces. I called the company up and they said not to accept the product. I was pissed and am still pissed. They told me they would deliver the three pieces today and they did not. They called last minute to cancel and now they said they would deliver on Sunday the 23rd of November. The only item that was not broken was the ottoman. That was the only thing they left of the living room. I told the delivery man that they had to take it back. The man looked like he wanted to cry. He told me he could not get them back in. They finally did. He showed me the back of his truck and said. "I started the day with 9 deliveries and I still have 9 deliveries, everyone of the customers have rejected the orders." Seriously Mor. How are you still in business. People don't shop here ever again. Don't support a company that has horrible customer service and keeps making promises they cant keep. I hope that we get our furniture by Thanksgiving. We have no other options at this point. But one thing I know is we will never shop here again. I hope that when my furniture comes in they do not put any extra holes to make the footings fit.
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Came here cause it was the second highest rated place. Staff was nice. But all the sushi products I had were warm and had a funkiest taste to them. Came in at about 330pm. So don't know that it makes a difference as to the time. It was a weekeday. Long one short. Not coming back. And the price was way too expensive for what it is. I have had way better for a lot less.
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Food is very good. Great place to eat. Authentic food. And the seasonings are very traditional. All others are imitating. Siete Mares is where its at. The only downside would be the seating. But its good enough for a start up.
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