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Agents, we want to thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support as Ingress turns 3 years old.  As a token of our gratitude, all Agents that reach Level 3 by midnight Pacific Time (PT) on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 will earn a special Vanguard Medal.  The Vanguard Medal will be awarded based on the following tiers:

Bronze Medal: Reach Level 3 and above
Silver Medal: Reach Level 9 and above
Gold Medal: Reach Level 13 and above
Platinum Medal: Reach Level 15 and above
Onyx Medal: Reach Level 16

Additionally, for the next two weeks (from November 17th to December 1st), each Portal action will generate double Action Points (AP).  For example, capture a Portal to earn 1,000 AP (instead of 500 AP). 

Fluctuations in the Portal Network have caused the Hack output to be significantly boosted across the board as well.  

Share your favorite Ingress memories using the hashtag #IngressYearThree .  It’s time to Move, Agents.


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enjoy the glory!!!!!!!!!!!
Being a Resistance agent for some time now, I’ve made the decision to write a couple of things regarding cheating, in the city of Athens where I am currently based (AF13-SIERRA-00).  

Up until a year ago there was practically no opposition from the Enlightened in the city of Athens.  Taking aside a few areas the rest of the city was blue.  As Resistance agents we were practically bored as there was not much to do really.  We would basically recharge all the time and then recycle items.  Every now and then we would attack the few green areas left on the map but that’s about it.  

Then one day everything changed.  A team of Resistance agents defected after internal disagreements and switched sides.   This team along with the rest of the faction slowly started picking up the pace and we are at a point now where in each cycle their MUs are three to four times higher from the Resistance’s.

That is fine, as now there is competition and you can now literally play the game the way you should, right?  Wrong….   

In the top 50 list in each cycle the top 10 (more or less) of the Enlightened agents who play the most and make a difference in the game are agents who are proven to have two to three accounts as mules to play the game the way they want or for one reason or another have been banned more than once in the past.  Let’s explain a few cases below:

Case 1
One of the defected agents has reached level 16 and has been proven to have at least two other accounts using them as mules and is currently levelling them up.  This agent’s only goal is being on the top of the score list and of course AP & badges.  Wherever he goes and I mean literally everywhere he is able to link everything with everything; he has keys from everywhere.  He has been caught dropping keys from one account to transfer them to his main one.  He also has a non-existent couch portal full of hack mods for farming.  When asked about one of his other accounts his answer was that it belonged to his girlfriend, who strangely enough plays all the time with him even at work.

Case 2
Another Enlightened agent has four accounts in total.  Three Enlightened accounts and one Resistance account.  His Enlightened accounts are level 13 (main one), 8 and 7.  His Resistance account is level 7 currently trying to level him up to 8.  This agent also has a non-existent couch portal which upgrades to level 7 and constantly farms.  His main goal as stated by him is trolling the Resistance side.  When asked about one of his other accounts he gave various answers.  At one time it was his girlfriend’s, at another time it belonged to one of his shy students (this person is a teacher).

Case 3
An Enlightened agent level 12 has created another account for his 11 year old son.  He even presented him to us while playing in order to convince us he is real.  Nobody doubted this in the first place.  When there was double AP to be gained his son was playing every single day from 6 in the afternoon until 11 at night (even on weekdays) until he finally reached level 8.  That’s a bit strange though when you have to go to school the next day and you have to do your homework in the meantime.  It is now proven that he uses this account as a mule as he is constantly hacking with his son’s account while playing with his main account even at work.  This agent also has two more accounts used purely as mules, so this makes it in total four accounts.  He is able to connect every single portal in the areas that he is playing and is constantly creating onion fields.  He has even been caught dropping a capsule while attacking a portal in order to get xmp from one of his mules.

Case 4
A level 15 agent who has been banned twice in the past has used all of his fake g+ accounts (2 in total) in order to vote positively on a portal appeal by one of his fellow agents (yes one in the cases described).  

Case 5
One of the defecting agents kept her original level 10 Resistance account and also started playing with a new Enlightened account which again she levelled up quite quickly.  The problem though was that she continued to use her original Resistance account as a mule, using it to hack all the time and for win-trading.  Only recently has her original Resistance account been changed to Enlightened.

Case 6
During the Darsana event that took place in Athens in November 2014, an Enlightened agent level 11 trespassed an archaeological site twice on two different occasions in order to bring down an anchor portal that was holding up multiple Resistance megafields of many million MUs over Athens.  As Resistance we took into account the fact the archaeological site was open during specific times for the checkpoints, but this did not stop this agent (twice).  The same agent (with another one mentioned in the previous cases) on another occasion trespassed a protected forest area during the night to bring down a portal that was holding several thousand MUs.  That area is accessible only from dawn till dusk.  The irony is that in this specific case they even recorded everything on video and posted it in their g+ community and also made ironic comments about the opposing side celebrating their action.

During the Darsana event most of the aforementioned cheaters (not all) did not even perform a hack, let alone be in the top 50 list under the fear of getting banned.  Strangely enough ALL of them got the Darsana badge “for their contribution during the event”.  Of course this is an internal matter and each faction decides how is going to give away the badges, but it just shows the mentality and the way of thinking of these people.

It is common practice by the Enlightened agents in Athens that if you have a son, a daughter a relative of any kind even a pet if you may no matter the age then you can use it as an excuse and create an additional account and then use it as a mule.  I am sure that there are agents all over the world that do this but in this case I am only talking about agents who have been proven to cheat using this excuse.  

The worst thing is that they are trying to pass the mentality that hey this is just a game and we are having fun and at the end of the day everyone cheats and so what if you have more than one account?

All of the aforementioned cases are but a few in the cell where I am playing and have all been reported to Niantic numerous times by many Resistance agents via submitting the relevant form and using screenshots and available proof.  Nothing has been done about it by Niantic and as long as these agents see that there are no consequences to their cheating they don’t care and just continue cheating even more aggressively.  They simply make ironic comments when you call them cheaters and are cheating in plain sight without caring anymore.  

What they essentially care about is to play against the scanner.  Flip the portal, level up as quickly as possible and try to be on the top 3 in the score list and of course beat the opposing faction in terms of cycles.

The examples that I bring forward, surely happen everywhere, and it’s not a matter of Resistance players playing fair and Enlightened players cheating.  In other places around the world, this happens in the opposite order and please let me clarify that not all Enlightened agents in this case cheat.  Many of them play fair and square.  This also means that not all Resistance players play by the book but, at least in our faction in the cell where I'm playing, when we do spot agents cheating we isolate them and don’t support them.  This is a matter of people really, not a matter of factions and what Niantic does or does NOT do in order to stop this.  If the only way for legitimate players is to report everything to Niantic but nothing is done about it, then what choice is left? 

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