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Andy Stuart
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I'm a Photographer based in Scotland, My Doctor recommended that I find something to get me out of the house as part of my treatment, I did a bit of Rugby coaching, but because that was "timetabled" I couldn't go every week because of my bad health, so I needed something else to do as well and having been interested in photography in the past. My wife bought me a camera and I started shooting. The rest as they say is history. I like networking with other photographers for knowledge sharing and in general hanging out. My photographic passions are primarily Nature, Landscape and Portrait photography, but I shoot a number of genres. I work primarily within the Aberdeenshire and Moray area, although I also visit North Northumberland regularly.
  • Photography (Therapeutic not employment)
    Photographer, 2009 - present
  • too ill to work
    2000 - 2013
  • Rugby Coach (Therapeutic not employment)
    Rugby Coach, 2007 - 2013
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Photography wannabe, I will shoot almost anything - Husband, Father of 4, Rugby Coach.
Behind the Lens - Photo Critique
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Based in Scotland,  I'm working towards being a full time photographer. 

I like networking with other photographers for knowledge sharing and in general hanging out. 

My photographic passions are mainly Nature  and  Landscape photography, but I shoot a number of genres. 

I work primarily within the Aberdeenshire and Moray area, although I also visit North Northumberland regularly.

Currently unable to work full time due to Ill health. :-(

I have been on G+ since August 2011. during which time I have learned a lot and have started to share my knowledge and experiences.  I can frequently be found in hangouts, with photographic and social themes.  Hopefully you will enjoy something I have to offer.

I'm involved in
Public Circles Project

If your interested in Photographers then I strongly recommend the following Google+ users:-
+Andy Gray
More photographers and others to follow, when I find them.
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Gartly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Clatt, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Sauchen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Tillyfourie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Whitehouse, Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Oaklands, St,Albans, Hertfordshire - Penrith, Cumbria - Oaklands, St,Albans, Hertfordshire - Brownieside, Northumberland, uk - North Charlton, Northumberland, England - Middlemoor, Northumberland, England - Warkworth, Northumberland, England


 Merry Christmas to all 
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Hóla!!!Andy cm le va?Feliz Navidad!!!que bueno poder contactarme cn amigos de ese país que AMOOO!!!!!!!a pesar q nunca estube allí...
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Andy Stuart

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Buy a royalty-free license from 500px Prime's collection of premium stock photos.
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Andy Stuart

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This is of serious concern to all in Western Europe.
Sensationalism is something many have accused me of in the past, I have been right 9/10. The Gulf Stream is slowing! 100% slowing, this is why the USA is seeing the weather I warned you about on th...
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Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you & family(wife)are well. +Andy Stuart
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End of a stressful week and the weeks to come are just going to get worse, my wife (Sylvia) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier in the week. Even typing this is hard, but she is the one that needs support, as do the kids, difficult times lie ahead for all of us. Next hospital visit 30th of this month, when hopefully we will get to know more, but I fear that it could take a further visit for us to be much wiser regarding treatment, etc. Meanwhile we are just going through the motions.

#health   #cancer   #breastcancer   #breastcancerawareness   #breastcancersurvivor   #stress   #worrying  
+Shefali Burns +Eileen A. McAllister +Elaine Lindsay +Frank Garufi Jr. +Sandy Schepis +Dolidh Young +Boris Gorelik +Tim Jones +Lord Parker +Mike Downes +Scott Fritz +Andy Gray +Ron Jackson +Robert Redl +Mike Searle +Brooke Brown +Cliff Roth +Rodney Pike +Joseph Puglisi +Ryan Van Sickle +HEATHER FAY +Heidi Anne Morris 
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Just now see this, wow! My thoughts are with you and your family! 
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Regardless of which side of the Independence debate your on this is a MUST READ

It answers one key question:
If we are subsidy junkies why is Westminster fighting so hard to keep hold of a country inside the union that, according to them, are a drain on the UK exchequer?

#scotland   #indyref   #indyref2014   #politics   #economy   #economics   #bettertogether   #ukok   #nothanks   #yesscotland   #yes   #voteyes   #voteyes2014   #voteyesscotland   #dotherightthing   #scotlandvoteyes  
What's really troubling financial markets ahead of this month's referendum
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+Robert Dakers Actually I do get it! You want to decide your own course I am happy for Scots to do just that. I dont agree 100% on how it was done and the fact it affected millions of people who didnt get to offer an opinion. However on you deciding your own fate I'm fully behind. Now the lies and bull Alex Salmond told the Scottish people I do not agree with. You talk about companies prices and oil. The people and companies expressing a no did not and could not give a toss about David Cameron and the conservatives. These groups were motivated by one thing alone Profit and Revenue! When they were warning about changes in Scotland for the people in pensions, prices; mortgages it was not scare mongering at all. They said this numerous times Alex Salmond just didnt want to listen, so many prominent Scots even pointed this out but it was brushed under the carpet. The loss of thousands of jobs through the defense industry billions in contracts, increases in mortgage rates due to increase in funding charges for Scotland, pension reductions, company relocations etc could go on all day. All these were valid concerns and could happen! They were not addressed properly nor a long term plan given for addressing these. 
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Andy Stuart

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Very interesting. The UK are subject of a UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities inquiry for systematic and grave violations against disabled people in the UK. They have a very high threshold before an inquiry can be started, an allegation must be established and the government has to have not taken any action to rectify the situation. Watch this video from 1:05:00
Thank you for sharing this, there are thousands, if not millions, of disabled people in the UK who are awaiting the ruling of this committee.  
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Sorry to hear that +SuperNewf1 
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Andy Stuart

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Caught out again - People are Worse off on zero hours contracts than unemployed.
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better self ebloyed
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Andy Stuart

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Cameron following the same, if slightly more sanitised, policies  as the Third Reich the irony  of this image is striking.

"Arbeit macht frei" translates as "Work makes you free," not with this UK government, with record levels of in work poor, a dramatic rise in Food Bank referrals (up over 400% in the last 12 months) and in an energy rich country people are going cold (some will undoubtedly die as a result).  People who are sick, disabled, or belonged to a foreign race are deprived of their human rights (they will scrap the Human Rights Bill if re-elected), the sick or disabled are subjected to a humiliating test intended to deprive them of the financial support they need to survive and immigrants are depicted as a threat to the British way of life and the livelihoods of the indigenous population (despite the opposite being true).
Is this writer the only person who finds it more than a little sick that David Cameron visited Auschwitz on the International Day of Human Rights? What was he doing - taking notes in order to ensur...
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British mainstream journalists don't back free speech
The British press will need to become more independent and honest or risk withering on the vine.  RT will be a breath of fresh air to media in the UK.

From the Guardian's Website:
RT’s international stations have always strived to simply deliver news that people are struggling to get elsewhere. And despite these “funny” / fear-mongering UK press pieces, it seems that this is exactly what many are expecting of RT’s new UK channel.

People commenting on the Guardian website agreed:

- At least it might prove a bit of an antidote to the BBC / ITV / CHANNEL 5 news broadcasts from Tory HQ??

- Its coverage of the Scottish referendum was pretty fair and balanced, I thought, unlike some other broadcasters closer to home.

- Russia Today provide balance to the UK media. Counters a narrative and provides a platform for alternative voice. For that I'm grateful they exist in the UK.

- RT is more reliable now than our dear old graun. Great news that we will have another source to compare with what currently passes for journalism in the UK. How UK's oligarch press barons and the elitist London establishment must hate that!

#mediabias   #uknews   #UKmedia   #russiatoday   #honestpress   #goodnews  
The "red scare-mongering" portrays the network as a “Kremlin-backed mouthpiece” and a “key weapon” Vladimir Putin wields against Western societies.
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Yes +Matt Williams The main stream media in the UK are peddling propaganda to such an extent they may as well be government or opposition owned.  We no reporting that doesn't push the agendas of the Tory or Labour parties, even down to international news.  Open your mind and get the truth.
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Andy Stuart

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Love touring Scotland 💚
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Scottish Independence Referendum

Make your own educated, informed decision

That is the key, read the question, understand what it's asking:

Should Scotland be an Independent Country?

 That is it nice and simple, so why is it important to read it and understand what is being asked? Because the media have  twisted the debate onto subjects that have nothing whatsoever to do with the question being asked and we let them. You are not being asked to endorse any Policies  (taxation, costed plans, etc) , Politicians (Alex Salmond, Alastair Darling, etc) or Political Parties (SNP, Labour, etc)  those decisions will be made by us in the 2016 election, when all political parties (maybe including some that don't exist yet) set out their costed vision for Scotland.

We are being asked if we believe anyone can make better decisions for Scotland than the people who live here.

Lets think about that for a second; would you give your next door neighbour your pay cheque every month and ask them to pay your bills and give you some pocket money, they can keep what is left over to pay for the new conservatory they are building, pay the interest on their debts (which they are still running up)?   This neighbour earns significantly less than you do, but the had a private education, there are more people living next door and the house is bigger than yours.  You only get to say how you spend your pocket money and your neighbour tells you how much they will give you.  Is this sounding like a good deal?  
Why not that is what Scotland is doing right now!!!

The evidence is clear that we have a bad deal as part of the UK:

The UK government have imposed policies on Scotland that Scottish MPs voted overwhelmingly against,

Of the 1500 politicians at Westminster (both houses) Scotland elect 59 that is a mere 3.9%  - No Democracy there,  

have run up £1.5 Trillion debt and it's growing by the minute,

have created one of the most unequal societies in the developed world, Five families have more wealth than over 20% of the population

have plunged 820,00 people into poverty,  

poverty in Scotland has more than doubled in 30 years,

19% of children (180,000) are living in poverty,  

for the first time ever, more working age adults living in poverty are in working households than out-of-work households,
this list of injustices goes on and on. 

Here is what world renowned organisations have said about the situation in Scotland: 

Oxfam have said " unacceptable levels of poverty that exists in one of the richest countries (Scotland) in the world ."  
They also said
 " The increase in the number of people living in poverty in Scotland is deeply concerning with the rise amongst children particularly worrying ."  

The Poverty  Alliance have said
" Scottish food banks opened their doors and provided food to 71,428 men, women and children a 400% increase and five times the number of new food banks compared to the previous financial year."  

Peter Kelly, Director of The Poverty Alliance said:  
“We welcome the recent Scottish Government announcement of £1m to support food banks but it is important that we tackle the underlying causes of poverty."

He also said  
“It is extremely concerning to see yet another dramatic rise in the number of people relying on food banks to feed themselves and their families. 
Low wages and a punitive sanctions regime are forcing people into destitution
It is unacceptable that in 21st century Scotland that people are struggling to feed themselves.

A NO vote IS endorsing this as acceptable for 21st century Scotland

Well it is NOT acceptable not now, not ever.

#indyref   #indyref2014   #scotland   #politics   #bettertogether   #ukok   #nothanks   #yesscotland   #voteyes   #voteyes2014   #voteyesscotland   #independence   #scottishindependence   #scottishreferendum   #dotherightthing   #YES   #dontblowit   #thisistooimportant   #bbcindyref   #bbcbias   #povertyinscotland   #poverty   #leavetheUK   #lies   #westminsterlies   #westminstercoruption   #aye   #voteaye   #forDemocracy   #selfdetermination   
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No problem +Avril Mac if you have any questions just fire away and I'll do my best
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Happy Independence Day to all my American friends.
I hope that we will join you by taking our place on the world stage as an Independent country.

I'll be back on G+ in September, I'm busy campaigning as there are only 76 days left to secure a YES vote so that we can celebrate our own Independence Day in 2016.

#independenceday     #yesscotland   #indyref   #voteyes   #scotland   #independence   #dotherightthing   #YES  
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Good luck with the campaign. 👍
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Very flat course - very disappointing in such a hilly area that they would build a course on the only flat land around - no challenge at all. Nice club house
Public - 2 years ago
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Great Castle with a very interesting guided tour - a must visit.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: Very GoodService: Excellent
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The food is ok although it's a bit greasy. Better Chinese along the road.
Public - 2 years ago
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Great food / drink, good service, friendly staff worth a visit.
Quality: Very GoodFacilities: Very GoodService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
8 reviews
Great food at a great price in nice surroundings served by Friendly staff Thursday night is buffet night if your on a budget go on that night.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Nice castle, great history, adequate parking, no disabled access
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: Poor - FairService: Good
Public - 2 years ago
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Great location, nice course with great hospitality afterwards
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago