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Heather Stone
Student of Information Systems at Muhlenberg College and wearer of many hats
Student of Information Systems at Muhlenberg College and wearer of many hats

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Here is an excerpt from the first issue of my newsletter, Lyceum Bulletin:

Is e-mail “dead”? Will my news bulletin be able to cut through the digital noise and create buzz? How could I have time to read my own newsletter, if I am struggling with all the notifications and messages?I got an aha! moment when I read Kevin Rose’s revamped newsletter, The Journal, and decided it was time to create my first real newsletter.

It will be interesting to see how Revue will compete with the traditional newsletter tools.

Do you have your own newsletter? Do you have a favorite newsletter? 

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How do you find new podcasts to listen to?

Apple recently celebrated 10 years of podcasting in iTunes, and I celebrated 8 years with podcasting on my birthday, May 25! ;)


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I am trying to get a summer fix by taking a bit more vacation... ;) EGO NetCast will be back on track in mid-August with another solo cast and a new podcast interview.

Shout out to: +Jared Easley +Podcast Movement. Feat.: +Dave Mansueto BossJock +Hannah Russell-Goodson PodClear #podcasting  

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In this #TYBCommunity round-up we include posts about crowdfunding, what lenders really want to know, Instagram profiles, podcasting, blogging tools, micro content marketing, starting a blog, CTAs, women who blog and blogging with Canva.

Includes posts from +SmartBug Media, +AdPushup, +Ty Kiisel, +SEMrush, +Canva and lots more 

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Android is a free and open platform, which means that you can develop an android application for various devices.

+Kimber Johnson of Pacific App Design​ shares 13 Tips to Make Your Android Application Better


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Bankers and other traditional lenders often turn to what they call the “Five Cs” when they’re evaluating a potential small business loan customer.

+Ty Kiisel explains What Do Lenders Really Want to Know?


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Keeping the savvy workers in mind, offering a commendable #WiFi connection should seem like a no-brainer for businesses. However, several businesses around the world are not allowing the employees wireless connectivity in the office even today.

+Steven Scheck of Inspire WiFi​ explains why Investing in Business Wi-Fi Offers a Competitive Advantage

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#iPhone application development companies and mobile app developers have definite reasons to believe in the business potential of the device.

+Zeba Warsi explains Why iPhone Application Development Services Are Crucial to Have a Competitive Edge in Business
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