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John Novaria
Husband, dad, writer, passionate about the art of inquiry.
Husband, dad, writer, passionate about the art of inquiry.

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Wait a minute. De-globalization?
For years we've heard about globalization: the world getting smaller, technology bringing us closer. I credit Thomas Friedman, who made the saying "the world is flat" fashionable once again.  But now I'm reading about de-globalization. Say what?  Basically,...

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Are You Anti-Social?
Like the plumber with the leaky pipes, I’ve neglected
writing for myself lately. But that means I’ve been busy writing for clients,
which is good. Despite my best intentions I rarely get around to updating
my website or penning a blog on the hot communicati...

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Sage or Saboteur? Who Are You Listening To?
If you think CEOs
are supremely confident and invincible, think again. Consider these words
recently written by CEOs: I often feel like I’m a fraud. I’m feeling very sad and lonely and
the antidepressants I’m on don’t seem to be working. I don’t love myself...

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Tempted to Punch? Know When to Pull Back
Most people don’t think about CEOs until a crisis: auto
recall, data breach, insider trading. But a lot goes into the selection and
molding of CEOs because – face it – it’s an important job and there’s a ton at
stake (like financial performance, shareholder...

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If I Were 22: The Last Thing You Want to Happen During a Job Interview
This article originally appeared on LinkedIn as part of a series of open letters to college graduates. Dear grads, Sorry this letter is a little late. I’ve been busy starting
my own business. Imagine that. At 55, starting over. Yeah, I’m reinventing
myself ...

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Adoration of the Magi, err, Magic
For 15 seasons Earvin “Magic” Johnson entertained and
delighted fans of the Michigan State Spartans and Los Angeles Lakers. His
leadership, presence and playmaking propelled teams to six championships and he
earned MVP honors many times over. He retired fro...

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From Brown to Green
The Milken Global Conference attracts A-list panelists and speakers
like Tony Blair, Deepak Chopra, Matt Damon, Magic Johnson, Bob Iger, Les
Moonves, Janet Napolitano, Hank Paulson, Leon Panetta, Sean Penn, T. Boone
Pickens and Charlize Theron. It’s a crazy...

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Where There's Smoke ...
Topanga is a quirky community. When we decided to decamp to
the hills from tony Santa Monica a friend quipped “You’re moving back to the 60s?” Most of what I knew of Topanga was by reputation: bosky, aging hippies and artists, tree huggers, the place time f...

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Steve Wynn Learned Something About Fear From Michael Jackson
The most-read blogs are the ones full of fast facts, tidbits
of helpful information and quotes. Here are some great observations from
yesterday’s closing session at the Milken Global Conference in Los Angeles. Panelists were Steve Wynn , Chairman and CEO of...

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The Third World is Watching
I don't have the data, but I imagine smartphones are now as
common in developing nations as in the First World. The President of The World
Bank says that for the first time the poor know how the rich live - thanks to
the images, videos and content they view...
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