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G+ is awesome :)
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vinay k
not yet explored as much as u have macha... :)
There is no "like" button for photos which is negetively impacting employee productivity :P :P
i meant for photos.. you have it for posts only right? no? :(
Ya , you are right. I experienced it today morning. There is Actions dropdown but it has 'Report Abuse' option :)
exactly :) so.. moral of the story is, take back your compliment.. :)
Agree with your concerns. But its not worth enough to take back my comment. Google ,being a host for variety of products, they are using Google+ as a single platform. This can be awesome :)
By the way, i am not a fan of Google+. I prefer Facebook to Google+
Hi Sudhi, You say "G+ is awesome :)" and still you prefer FB to G+ !! Henge?
FB is super awesome , ashte :)
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