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At Hatchin N Scratchin, we are very excited about our services. We are a Clinical Salon. We do not offer medical advice or services. We do not cut, color, or style hair. We are dedicated to extracting thirsty blood suckers known as lice and nits. Yes, those little creepy-crawlers have invaded sweet little heads all throughout the Pasadena, TX. We are here to take your fear down a notch and eliminate the negative stigma associated with the tiny critters. We are here to help. We want to abolish the abuse of unnecessary pesticide products that for years we have slathered on our children’s head.

Here at Hatchin N Scratchin, we are a Lice Clinic who specializes in Lice, Lice Removal, Head Lice Removal, Lice Treatment, Lice Removal Products, Natural Lice Treatment, Lice Products, and Lice Remedies.

Contact us at (713) 944-5423 for more information today!

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