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Food photography should always make you hungry
Food photography should always make you hungry

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Coffee ice cream, chilled espresso and grated dark chocolate.  What's not to love? #icecream  

I feel a little bit schizophrenic because I'm working with two chefs on two different books.  One is very stylish food for special occasions and the other is food to be cooked at home for the family.

I use lighting diagrams so that the style for each is constant, because we run only 8-10 recipes in a day (with raw ingredients, preparation shots and the occasional sizzling pan).

Lighting diagrams and camera setting notes are an essential part of food photography, especially when a project will take weeks or even months.

I also have to remember to set my viewfinder diopter to +0.5 for close shots (manual focus) because of my eyesight.

Details are important when shooting for a client.

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I apologise if anyone is offended by raw meat, but the rabbit was very happy happy happy until the instant it was shot.  Pheasant raised for shoots are fed like monarchs and die on the wing.  It's better than being a chicken laying eggs in a cage that you can't stand up in.

This is my starting point for game pie.  This is a roast and braise process.  The  pan is roasted and the carcasses stripped.  The meat will then be braised in gravy for pie filling.  

The remainder will still hold a lot of meat trapped between sheets of sinew.  This is boiled with the bones for stock and most of the leftover meat from the carcasses removed by the power of thumbs.

The second stage meat and stock will be stored separately to provide options such as soup or more gravy for something else (such as boar).

Waste not.

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Garlic.  Love it or hate it?

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Sorry I've been away for a while, but I've been busy.  Recipe development is time-consuming and I'm always hesitant at the idea of messing with a classic.  The dish?  Bolognese sauce.

It came together a couple of days ago and today I spent a couple of hours making up a 6.5 litre batch - it really is that good.  Details coming soon :)

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