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Susan Rich
Poet, Writer, Editor and Teacher for Hire
Poet, Writer, Editor and Teacher for Hire

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Interviewed for Skagit River Poetry Festival Blog; Happy Spring
Happy First Day of Spring Happy First Day of Spring! I celebrated yesterday by planting dinosaur kale, strawberry starts, and Oregon snap peas in the garden. Planting seeds and starts in March is a great act of faith. And so far, every year, there are fruit...

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Poets On the Coast Winter Retreat Half Day in Seattle!
Bring your typewriter, your laptop, or your favorite journal Poetry feels more necessary than ever right now. Don't you think? Please join us, Kelli Russell Agodon and me, in a half day writing retreat, Saturday, March 4th in Seattle. For women and men, for...

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Spare Rib and Tahoma Literary Review
Has anyone counted how many literary magazine are now publishing in the United States? In the world? No one seems to know. Not even Wikipedia. The Dial (1840-1844) edited by Ralph Waldo Emerson gets credit for being the first "little magazine" in the US. I ...

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The Missouri Review and the Kinkajou
How would you react if you found this kinkajou asleep on you? In the last year or so I have become really intrigued with bizarre news stories. Of course, these days of "alternative facts" instead of lies means we are in the world of the surreal everyday. Wh...

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Leonora Carrington - Alchemist, Artist, Writer and Subject of a One-of-a-Kind Film
Photograph from the Carrington Estate My interest in Leonora Carrington becomes stronger the more I learn about her life and her art. I have a feeling that with two of her books being reissued this April, many other people are about to fall in love with her...

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Or Perhaps You'd Like A One Day Class in March?
Our Fair City  So perhaps three days of writing and being away from home is not possible for you right now. Or perhaps you want to checkout whether taking classes from Kelli and me works for you. Or perhaps a March 4th writing class is just so much sooner t...

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Poets On the Coast Take Over La Conner -- September 8th - 10th 2017
Poets on the Coast Take Over the Town Now in our 7th year we are gearing up for the best Poets on the Coast Weekend yet with morning yoga, poetry workshops, one on one meetings with Elizabeth Austen, Kelli Russell Agodon or me, art museum tours and a dinner...

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Happy New Year Means Happy Poets on the Coast Lowest Price!
You Don't Have To Be Alone All of the Time This is Alexandra David-Neel, a Belgian-French writer, explorer, spiritualist and some thought, anarchist. She was best known for visiting Tibet in 1921 when it was forbidden to foreigners.  Disguised as a man, of ...

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Sneak Preview: Remedios Varo ~ My Newest Crush in the World of Women Artists
Remedios Varo (1908-1963) was a 20th century painter who defies categorization. Her work is influenced by alchemists, other painters,  philosophers, psychologists, surrealists and for lack of a better term, free thinkers., Along with the painter, Leonora Ca...

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My Mother Returns from the Dead to Appear on Oprah
Thank you 101 times to the Mom Egg Review for publishing my poem, "My Mother Returns from the Dead to Appear on Oprah." Somehow I don't think she would be very amused. Well maybe a little bit about the dromedary.
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