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Top cat at Kat & Mouse Co., SEO, Local SEO, web designer, internet marketing and passionate dancer
Top cat at Kat & Mouse Co., SEO, Local SEO, web designer, internet marketing and passionate dancer


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I have a client who's GMB page is showing a "caption" that she does not want because it's outdated and incorrect. See here:;si:14705628746851886115;mv:!1m3!1d150366.42507030227!2d-121.96906625000001!3d37.09658775!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i260!2i567!4f13.1 The business is Minorsan. It's the line that says, "Fitness studio featuring classes in Zumba & Pilates, plus martial arts & self-defense" under the Check Schedule button. And interestingly if you go back a page to just see the 3 pack, the caption changes to "Gym offering martial arts & Zumba" which is also incorrect but a little better. If you search on something different her caption never changes. So search on martial arts for example, it still has Zumba and Pilates.

We cannot find where Google is getting this caption but it appears to be related to a "Check Schedule" button because all other businesses that show a scheduling button have the caption as well. HOWEVER, my client did NOT enter this into her booking service, Wellness Living where the scheduling button comes from. Since it's inaccurate and always has been according to my client, she does not believe that Google is scraping it from some other site. So where did Google get this? And how do we change it?

If you perform that search, click on the other listings and you'll see that everyone that has a schedule button also has a caption.

Hey guys. I have an old client for whom I did local SEO many years ago. He was top of the results in about 6 surrounding towns, with Regus offices in 2 of them - Danville and Pleasanton. Years have gone by and he came back to me because his phone stopped ringing. He still ranks for Danville, but he completely disappeared out of local pack for Pleasanton. The attorney ranking #1 there has the same Regus office, right down to the same suite. I asked my client if he could get a different address. He said it was out of the question. I tried removing the suite number from his local listings instead and that had no effect. He was there before the other attorney. Why would Google remove him and not the other IF a Regus address had something to do with it? I know how Google feels about virtual offices, but he really does meet clients there. I'm going through the site now, reoptimizing and we're writing new content, so that's coming. The client in the results here is Thomas Sokat:

Any of you Local SEOs out there that serve attorneys find in your client's backlink profile? My client just got a few hundred backlinks on that site, but when I look at the site, his link is nowhere to be found - unless you look in the source and find it along with the "hide on desktop" style. The Local Results section on every page is normally hidden and that's where the backlinks are. See picture below for what it would look like if it was not hidden. Check this out: My guess is he/her may be linking to every attorney in California, either in an attempt to build his/her site up or take everyone else down. I'm off now to report it.

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Ok pros. Need your help. I have a friend who's local business listing was removed for quality issues. Her's is a lingerie store for plus-size women. Could it be the pictures? She sells sex toys too. Could that be it, though she doesn't mention it. Here are a couple of screenshots. Could it be those pictures of women in lingerie, especially the see-thru ones? She's frantic because her listing is the source of her business. Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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Question for you local search pros. I have a few attorney clients who have more than one specialty. One for example specializes in employment law for employees, personal injury, and business litigation - three completely different markets requiring 3 very different messages and content. They currently have 2 websites built by a previous SEO, and two target the same 3 markets, just with their own unique content. One targets the general geographical region, the other the specific town short radius surrounding area. I don't agree with that approach and am recommending another solution. Before I do, I thought I'd ask you to weigh in. Do you recommend giving a local business such as this attorney, more than one website to market to different audiences? For both SEO and marketing reasons, we can see the benefit of this, but does it cross Google's line into unacceptable?

Anyone in this group specialize in image search for local businesses? I just got a request for that and can pass on your name if you like.

Rebranding question here. A client of mine just got acquired by a company 300 miles away. Aside from all the rebranding issues on the website and in the public's eye, how do you pros handle rebranding in Yelp, Google and elsewhere? What is allowed? For example, they have a lot of 5 star reviews in Yelp. Will Yelp let them change the business name and keep the reviews? I doubt it, but have to ask. There are legitimate reasons, besides practical, for doing so. For one, the same staff is doing and managing the work in this location, and they use the same materials. But of course the reviews reference the old business name, so that would be really odd for a reader to see one business name as the title and another in the review. Same for Google.

So my guess is they need to start over with their local citation building. But would love to hear your thoughts, and would love to hear otherwise. Hate to see these guys lose all that local recognition.

Would you guys bother correcting business names in directory listings that start with "The" when "The" really shouldn't be there, such as "The Bicycle Shoppe" as opposed to "Bicycle Shoppe."

For all you attorneys (or marketing consultants working for them) in search of EARNED backlinks, here's an opportunity for real estate attorneys who deal with landlord/tenant issues. This comes from HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Help her out and you could get a mention and backlink. My advice is answer as best you can right in the email and do it ASAP.
23) Summary: Discrimination by landlords

Name: Mary Fetzer Avvo Stories

Category: General


Media Outlet: Avvo Stories

Deadline: 5:00 PM EST - 18 July


Despite laws against it, discrimination is alive and well in the
rental industry. Looking for experts to provide input on what is
and is not legal when selecting a tenant, and what recourse a
victim of discrimination has. Also interested in personal
stories from those who've been discriminated against while
searching for a property to rent.

Particularly interested in hearing from attorneys.

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Some really smart ideas on how a local business can capitalize on the Pokemon Go craze.
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