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We tailor extraordinary luxury holidays in Greece, combined with unique experiences
We tailor extraordinary luxury holidays in Greece, combined with unique experiences


The 3 Strong Castles lasting through the ages.


In southerly you can find Neokastro and on north you will see Paleokastro, the elongated island of Sphaktirias in front of Navarinos bay. There, in 1827 happened the famous battle where during the battle Pylos was being protected in the depth of the bay. By walking in this area you will pleased to see many neoclassical and traditional stone houses with great street plan. Near the central square of the village you can relax under the shadow of the enduring plane trees and admire the impressive monument in honor of the head of the allied fleet, admiral Kodrigkton, Derigny and Cheiden. Exploring the village you will see many uphills that lead in narrow alleys with low houses and flourishing yards. A bit further is Gialova, with its famous lagoon and its popular Voidokilia beach. Northern you will find Petrochori village and Romanos village. In Pylos and in the villages near it there is something for everyone, whatever interest you may have and with the available budget, you can create unforgettable vacations.


Koroni is a beautiful place in the southern part of Pelloponnese.It has been build amphitheatrically and has many uphills and downhills that give you the sense of being on an island. The trademark of this charming place is the castle that is in the eminence and the pedestrian zone bellow, in the port that has many fishing boats. In this pedestrian zone you will find the stigma of this city, many events happen there with music, dancing, painting exhibition and of course from there you can buy excellent local products such as olive oil, honey, cheese and pasta.


Methoni is in the south part of Pelloponnese and its a small, flat village with some interesting points to see. The Kapodistrian School, the picturesque central square of the village from where the huge beach starts, the small tourist infrastructure that shows signs of improvements over the last years, small taverns with local cuisine and the small island of Sapientzas that is across. Above all is the castle of Methoni that was built in the mid thirteenth century by the Venetians on a rocky projection. This castle is amongst the biggest in the Mediterranean.
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Why Nafplio deserves a visit.

When you travel to Peloponnese your first stop should be Nafplio. The district has many attractive small ports, for example Yithio in the Mani and Pylos, that from there you can see where the battle of Navarino was attacked in 1827. Like many towns in Greece, has a visual harmony and a faded prettiness that with respect to its history passes through modernity and that is one of the things that captivates all visitors. Talking about history, Nafplio in ancient times was the capital of Greece and had royal palace and great power that still remain untouched. This power and the ancient remains are what attracts travelers from around the world and Greece, because Napflio is one of the most famous destinations amongst Greeks too.
But it's not only the history that makes Nafplio a good destination, it's also the vibe that this town has. In the afternoon when you walk in the central square you will be amazed with the people that walk up and down gossiping, children playing games and elderly playing cards while drinking Greek coffee. Their traditional cuisine is delicious accompanied with their great red wine "Agiorghitiko" make the perfect combination of a wonderful dinner. The old town is majestic for couples and for family vacations too. The beach is crystal clear and fully organized with every facility travelers may need.
Nafplio desvers your visit because it's a cosmopolitan and fascinating town that combines wonderful history, picturesque scenery, unforgettable food and clear azure waters.
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Thessaloniki: Culinary and food capital.

What can we say about this beautiful city with the delicious food and amazing people?
Thessaloniki’s food is broadly known for its quality and diversity. The reason Thessaloniki's food is so exceptional is that the city had many influences and this made their food one of the richest in Greece. In Thessaloniki they blend traditional with modern recipes , thus, they offer a variety of choices. Experts in Thessaloniki are prestigious for their politeness and accommodation. Whether one picks an eatery with numerous stars or a traditional small tavern, or whether one needs a tiny meal while walking, it is certain that they will be totally fulfilled.
Taverns, both big and little, whether in the downtown area or in the encompassing locale, offer exceptional pleasures. Your senses will be amazed with the traditional and original flavors from Asia Minor, Constantinople and Pontus. Moreover, Arab and Armenian corners improve the culinary guide with uncommon tastes.
The city's numerous eateries make unique tastes against the canvas of Mediterranean food. Exceptional fish and fish dishes go perfectly with the Macedonian wines. Juicy salads and innovative deserts, integrate an excellent meal.
The little shops offering pies, the well-known Thessaloniki cream-filled bougatsas, are extremely famous. No one can oppose these sweet and flavorful provocations. The trademark of Thessaloniki are the popular Trigona Panoramatos, custard cream sweets. Another famous healthy food of Thessaloniki is its tripe, many restaurants serve to the costumers delicious tripe. The majority of the people love eating it after a heavy night out on weekends, in order to moderate the alcohol.
Another interesting fact of Thessaloniki's cuisine is that it's not difficult for visitors to locate a decent tavern, everywhere in the city you can find delicious taverns full of tastes and aromas. All through the city there are a lot of zones understood as centers of taste and pleasure. Here, at tailored myth we would like to present you two of the most famous:

Modiano market- the Paris of Thessaloniki.

It was constructed in 1922 by Eli Modiano and the architect took influences from the covered markets in Paris. It's been surrounded by Aristotelous, Komninou, Vasilios Irakliou and Ermou streets. Thus, this market consists of five arcades and has a glass roof. In Modiano market customers will find little shops selling excellent food and shops that sell drinks. An interesting information about this market is that although it operates actively as a market for customers who want to buy meat, fish, vegetables and drinks it is also noted in tourists’ guides as one of the sights in the city. Visiting this market is a great experience because you will feel the heart of the old city beating powerfully.

Ladadika- Everlasting Thessaloniki.

The Ladadika district was one of the most famous commercial quarters in Thessaloniki. It had small shops that sold wholesale good. This popular place was unharmed by the big fire in 1917. It looks like a little state inside the city that has a Byzantine stamp and its structure with the small streets and the dead-ends alleys make it one of the most picturesque areas of the city. This neighborhood was reestablished in 1970 and the little shops transformed in small taverns and bars. Now, this area is full of people who enjoy delicious food, music and drinks.
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A weekend in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki is great in winter months, people living there believe that it's even better from Athens. As they say, they may not have Acropolis but they have other beautiful ancient sights for visitors to admire and comparing to Athens, due to its size there are easily walkable. Another true about Thessaloniki is that there nightlife is crazy and never ends! People go out and have fun until the early morning every season of the year. So, here at Tailored Myth we would like to show you some things you can do in Thessaloniki that will make your trip unforgettable.

Hit the roads and admire the ancient sights.

Beginning your walk you should start from the trademark of Thessaloniki, the White Tower. Historically, the White Tower was part of the Byzantine town protection. It is located in the center of the seafront promenade, which is the prime strolling area. There, especially in the evening, is the meeting point of the young people where they walk and discuss their plan for the night. Other ancient sights that you will see in your walk is the Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda, they have been constructed in the third century AD and are located in Egnatia street. Within reach you can find Aghia Sofia and other imposing Byzantine churches. Also, during your stroll you should visit the Arhaeological Museum and admire the richness of gold from the Macedon Tombs. Finally, in the portsides you can visit two museums, the Contemporary Museum and the Photography Museum. Strolling in the city center we are sure you will find more interesting places on your own.

Break for Coffee.

Drinking coffee in Greece is a sacred hour, specially for youngsters who can stay in a cafeteria for hours enjoying with their friends their coffee while discussing and playing. In Thessaloniki you can find countless cafeterias in the seafront or near the central square of Aristotelous square or hidden in every small street of the city. During your walk it will be really nice to make a break just to drink a Greek Frape or a Freddo while eating some sweet. You will relax, enjoy the view, enjoy the delicious coffee and organize your next stop.

Neighborhood watch.

The Ladadika area, for sure worth a visit, is one of the most famous districts in Thesssaloniki and there you can find many taverns and bars with excellent food and great music. Locals go there every weekend to eat and drink while they listen to great greek music. Another choice, where locals tend to visit is the Ano Poli, there you can find delicious food and excellent cafeterias that are hidden behind the Byzantine ramparts and opposite the Chain Tower. Finally, you should visit the Navarinou Square, nearby are many boulevards with great bars that are full of people at night.

Need an appetite?

Thessaloniki is famous amongst Greece for its cuisine and its delicious plates that blend cuisines for many countries. One of the most famous restaurants called 'tsipouradika' and there people drink Greek alcohol called tsipouro that is offered with small dishes of amazing food. The atmosphere there is amazing and the people really friendly.

The Big Night Out.

What can we say about the nightlife of Thessaloniki? It will fulfill everyone needs, its full of bars, clubs and 'bouzoukia' as we call in Greece places with live Greek music. From people who want to dance and listen to foreign music, to people who just want to relax and drink a cocktail and it will definitely please a lot people who want to feel the Greek vibe with Greek music and Greek dance. As Tailored Myth we will happily propose you the best place for you to enjoy your night where all you will need is your good mood.
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More than the first "finger".

Chalkidiki is a great destination of Greece and attracts many tourists every year. Thus, as Tailored Myth we collected some of the finest things visitors can do during their stay in the first finger of Chalkidiki.

Wine Tasting Tours.

Through your wine tasting journey you will pass through mountains, vineyards, forests, beautiful gardens and fruit farms. You'll see Poligiros, the capital of Chalkidiki, and you'll proceed to the pleasant Arnea, really popular for its superior wines and marvelous fabrics. You can meet with individuals from the nearby wine union for a wine tasting. You can also combine your journey in order to see the sights of Thessaloniki with a visit to the little town of Epanomi and a voyage through a nearby winery.

Bousoulas Bird Sanctuary Hiking Trail.

This is a simple stroll through the forested areas which surround the lengthy sandy Bousoulas beach, with perspectives over the wetlands and the bird sanctuary. You can easily go for a dive and relax under the natural shade of the trees. Finally, this trail wanders through the wetland bird sanctuary, which extends over hundreds of acres and has been proclaimed an European Important Bird Area, by the global organization 'Bird Life International' and also this territory is being a Natura protected area. This area is home to more than 180 various types of birds and its perfect for bird watching. Some of the birds that live there are swans, black winged stilts and little egrets. Guests are requested to remain focused on a specific pathway so that they will not disturb or hurt any nest and threaten the wildlife.

Sithonia Peninsula and Parthenon Village Journey.

Appreciate the continually changing scene pass you by on this great day journey towards Porto Koufo, there you'll locate some amazing landscape and wonderful perspectives over the southern tip of this peninsula. Sithonia village is more tough than the Kassandra chersonese, thus has lower population. The view has been compared to that of Switzerland where the pine trees frame a scenery to the desolated beaches. The Parthenon of the north Parthenonas, located 10km from Marmaras a deserted and forgotten town until the late 1980s, is certainly worth investigating. This is a town with bizarre excellence, traditional architecture with stoned-paved avenues and breathtaking perspectives over the Aegean.

Athitos Village Journey.

Athitos villages is located only 15km from Sani and is a standout amongst the most beautiful villages in Chalkidiki. The architectural structure of the village with the old stone- manufactured houses, differentiates it from anything else around. You can walk around the cobblestone streets , noticing the blossoms that are all over the place and unwind at one of the traditional taverns. The view of this town is the peninsula of Sithonia and offers an awesome view of the Toroneos Gulf. It's the perfect way to unwind on some the beautiful beach bars and enjoy the crystal clear waters.

Thessaloniki Journey.

Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece is a beautiful city and if you are near is a great way to visit it. It offers a wealth cultural and historical legacy along with cosmopolitan life. On this journey, you'll see the trademark of Thessaloniki- the White Tower, the Archeological Museum, and the best churches that stand such as St. Dimitrios at the end you can climb up the highest point of Thessaloniki-the Acropolis- and admire the magnificent panoramic view. Most of the visitors, at the end, they have time to relax at the cafes downtown and enjoy shopping.
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Dozens Admirable microcosms, one destination!

The peninsula of Chalkidiki located in the north of Greece, unfolds its beauty and invite travelers to wander in these dreamy neighborhoods.

The admirable nature.

It's not common for a place to have so many natural and historical treasures. Every corner of this district has a different charm and is ideal for new travel experiences. Thousands acres of unexplored forests cover the slopes that cross streams and trails. Pines and olive trees reach the magnificent sea with the crystal clear water and the endless sandy beaches, while the idyllic coves and small islands provide great opportunities for an escape out of the ordinary.

Unique combination of experiences.

In this place the options that the visitor can make are limitless. Can get "lost" and meditate for hours under the shade of the pines in one of the secluded beaches that this place has or can get amused by the sounds of music at a beach bar in one of the crowded beaches of Chalkidiki. Can enjoy the sea while doing some water sports or by exploring the seabed or explore the stone streets of traditional villages with view of the open sea. Will the traveler prefer the gourmet restaurants or traditional taverns? Chalkidiki has excellent eateries for every kind of traveler. Will the traveler prefer to enjoy the lively night life or the romantic walks? Maybe prefer to visit archaeological sites of inestimable cultural value. Whatever the traveler wants to do or wants to see, can be found in Chalkidiki!

The diversity of Chalkidiki in combination with people's actions will satisfy even the most demanding guest. Cosmopolitanism with respect to tradition, modern fully organized beaches but also paradisaical beaches, luxury and high sense of proportion and elegance.
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The Unique Combination of Cretan Food and Drink.

We don't know how many of you know Crete but for those you don't know this island is time to learn it, visit it and love it! It is the biggest and most populated island of Greece and it's located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea that separates the Aegean from the Libyan Sea. It has an important history with worth visiting archaeological sites. Also, it has beautiful beached and attractive nature. But that's not all Crete offers to its guests. The food that you eat in Crete is a food you won't forget.
In whole Greece, and especially in Crete, eating is a lifestyle, and any dinner can take throughout the evening or throughout the night. Great wine, great discussion and a touch of the powerful stuff 'Raki', all these are priceless ingredients to a great dinner in Crete such as the fresh products that Crete produce and the knowledge that Crete cookers have. All of the above together, make eating the Cretan way such a delightful and mysterious experience that we suggest each and everyone should have.
There are some specific products that make Crete famous for its cooking and we would like to inform you about.

The Cretan Olive.

"Gold Liquid" or "Gift from the Gods" are some of the phrases that people in Crete use about olive. In Greece we use olive oil in every dinner preparation, it's one of the most important ingredients of Greek cooking and in Crete the production of Cretan Olive is excellent, thus, it's one of the best olives you can taste.

Thyme Honey of Crete.

Crete is also famous for the delicious honey that produce and it's not only famous in Greece but worldwide because Cretan honey is exported to many countries. Crete's golden honey is a product that you should definitely taste.

Crete Wild Herbs.

Taking a walk in the villages of Crete you will notice a wonderful scent of herbs all around. This happens because the mountains and hillsides are actually secured in thyme and their purple blooms, also, they have sage, rosemary, oregano and marjoram. Also, only in Crete you can find Dittany which is famous for its especial medicinal properties.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit.

Crete is famous for the production of vegetables and fruits. If you visit the market the majority of products are local, seasonal ,fresh and delicious. Crete started importing specific products only to satisfy the needs of visitors.

Fresh Fish.

Like every island covered in water, there are a lot of fresh fish you can taste. Throughout the island you will see many fishermen in their boats catching fish, when a fisherman has finished the catching you can buy fresh fish from him. You can even try catching a fish because many tourists try and most of them succeed.

Raki or Tsikoudia.

You cannot leave Crete if you haven't tasted raki or tsikoudia. It's their local drink , it's very strong and you must taste it if you want to have a true Cretan food experience . In Crete is their favorite drink, so they drink Raki before dinner, during dinner and after dinner.

Cretan Wine.

For those you drink wine they will not be dissapointed in Crete because their local wine is excellent. It will please visitors that like red wine, white wine and rose wine. Most of the restaurants have their own local wines and we suggest you to try them.
As Tailored Myth, we advise you to take a trip to Crete and taste all these wonderful products and this amazing lifestyle that Cretan people have.
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Why Crete is one of the top destinations?

Crete is located in southern Greece and is one of the most famous islands in Greece. It is the biggest and it has to offer everything that a traveler might need. Many travelers prefer Crete for their holidays and we totally agree with them. That's why we will list you some of the best reasons this island is one of their favorite.

Most organized destination Crete, the biggest island with the fascinating history, was the prime island that started professional tourism in its guests. It's large extent and its independence from the mainland of Greece helped building amenities for everything. There isn't a thing that travelers cannot find in the island and there are facilities in places that travelers wouldn't believe they can exist. In every village of this island and in every beach you will find great beauty. Also, you can find beautiful nature without even abandoning comfort, this is something that many couples are searching for their holidays. Believe us that in Crete you can have luxury vacations with your lover in a magnificent environment.

The history of the island Crete is known for the outstanding archaeological and historical sites. Athens trademark is the Parthenon and the Acropolis but when we say Greece, most of us know Knossos and the Minoan Civilization. The Minoan Civilization, which thrived in Crete in the Bronze Age was the prior organized civilization in Europe. Nowadays, Knossos Palace, which was found and exhumed by the distinguished archaeologist Arthur Evans in the start of the twentieth century, is a standout amongst the most great and essential archaeological sites in the world. Thus, for travelers who are interested in combining the sun, the sea and the history, Crete is the best choice! Furthermore, in Crete you can see also the National Archaeological Museum of Heraclion, the Phaestos Palace, the Chania Venetian Harvor and the Fortezza Venetian Castle in Rethymno.

Magnificent Beaches Due to the great extent of the island many beaches exist. It's truly amazing that Crete has so many beaches and all of them are beautiful. In every place of this island that you will visit you will be fascinated from the astonishing blue waters and the gold sand. In Crete you can find beautiful hidden beaches between rocks or under waterfalls. This reason is one of the most important for travelers that choose Crete every year.

If you are looking for this type of vacation, visit Crete and believe us it will become your favorite destination too!
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Mykonos, the perfect island for relaxation.

The first things that comes to mind hearing the island of Mykonos is parties, celebrities and crazy nightlife. It's not wrong but there is more than that to explore and enjoy in this beautiful cosmopolitan island. That's what Tailored Myth wants to show you, the other side of Mykonos.
By stepping your foot in magical Mykonos a variety of options appear and we will just suggest you the perfect things to do in order to relax in this glamorous island.

Walk around the streets of Chora.

In Chora you will find many excellent restaurants and bars to eat or to enjoy your coffee while admiring the magnificent view of the Aegean. You will also explore a bunch of small shops with unique products. While strolling in the small alleys you will be fascinated by the amount of white washed houses, blue windows and beautiful flowers.

Have a drink in the view at Little Venice.

You can't say you've visited Mykonos if you haven't took a picture in Little Venice. The view is magnificent, many small bars near the edge of the water and the sunset there is magical. We suggest that drinking a cocktail while viewing the azure colored waters is the perfect way to chill and relax.

Sunset at Windmills.

The famous windmills of Mykonos are near Little Venice and you cannot miss them. We propose you to walk there and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Don't forget to take pictures because it's truly an idyllic scenery and perfect representation of the Greek summer.

Visit Delos.

Take a day-trip to Delos While you are at Mykonos is a great opportunity to visit Delos, the sacred island of ancient Greece. You can take the boat from Mykonos and in 20minutes you will arrive at Delos. Now you will see outlines of houses, grand statues, towering columns and crumbling walls, but this in the 3rd century BC was home to 25,000 people. We suggest you to unwind, imagine how life was there many years ago and enjoy your journey in this sacred island.

Relax at the beach, almost every beach!

The best part of being in an island is the beaches that you can visit while chilling under the warm sun. Mykonos is very rich on this subject, it has many type of beautiful beaches that will fulfill the needs of every traveler. You will be amazed by the color of the sea there, all beaches are like a pool with turquoise and clear water. Lia, Kalo Livadi, Panormos and Agios Sostis are some the beaches that you can visit and relax in a more quite environment.

Try an exercise.

Take a fitness break For many people exercising is the best way to calm. In Mykonos there are many ways to exercise and unwind yourself. You can do jogging in the small alleys, do yoga in an outdoor place with a great view that you will choose or take a Bike tour and discover hidden places of the island.
These are some of the things you can do in Mykonos when your priority is to relax your body and your spirit even if you're with your family, your lover, your friend or by yourself, it doesn't matter, you will find the peace you want.
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Swim, Dine, Drink and Dance.

Mykonos, the cosmopolitan island of Greece, is one of the top destinations for people who know or want to learn how to party. Mykonos attracts visitors from all over the world. But Mykonos is not only about partying, it has truly beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, excellent restaurants with ideal atmosphere and magical center to stroll and admire the traditional alleys and small shops. Although, it has many more to offer we would like to tell more and explain more the party scene in this island because we believe it's an experience you should have. We think it would be interesting to show you how one day of partying can happen in Mykonos!
A great idea to start your partying experience and in order to see as much parties as you can, is by a beach hopping, because Mykonos has many different beaches that are famous for their parties. First of all it’s good to start in Paraga beach, a beautiful beach with crystal clear water that has Kalua Beach Bar. This bar provides everything a visitor wants, such as sun beds and umbrellas. Also, it has excellent coffee and breakfast to start your day, delicious lunch to eat and amazing cocktails to start your partying. From the beginning of the day you can hear great music and after 4 pm the big party starts. People dance all over the beach and up in the tables of the beach bar.
To continue you should make a stop in Paradise Beach where the popular Tropicana Beach Bar is located. There, is the next level of crazy partying, the ultimate beach partying. Microphone for visitors to sign, alcohol in every table and most of the people are dancing in the bars. People are friendly and dance with everyone, is definitely an unforgettable experience you should have. The party there gets really crazy after the sun goes down and some stay there and party all night.
Leaving the beach partying and after relaxing a bit at your hotel is time for the night party in the town of Mykonos. The town is full of bars that will fulfill everyone needs, from relaxing bars to crazy clubs. Skandinavian Disco is one of the meeting points from the visitors, it has great music with excellent DJs from Greece and foreign, young people that dance all night and the party ends early in the morning. Another great club of Mykonos, located in the town is La Notte, great club where the party never ends and a great proof of why Mykonos is so famous about its partying. Last but definitely not least, is Cavo Paradiso the diamond of Mykonos clubbing. Amazing open club, with stunning view that organizes the best parties in Greece and worldwide. This club has almost every night events and hosts the best DJs from all over the world, the sun goes up but the party cannot stop. For sure, visiting and partying in this club is an experience no one can forget!
It's not strange that Mykonos is so famous about its parties and that the majority of people who visit this island visit it again and again. The island has a great vibe that everyone loves and everyone enjoy partying there! Visit this island and we are sure you'll agree with us!
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