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Shout out to the People that Made this Possible
I would like to give Constable Watson a big shout out. This
year he is retiring; he only has 15 working days left. He has been so nice and
has taught us and showed us around a couple of days we were here. He has been
able to let us in or get us closer to th...

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Culture Shocks
While we were in London, I have noticed a lot of differences
between the United Kingdom and America. One thing I have noticed with the
biggest of differences is eating out. It may seem weird that eating out is so
much different from one country to another, ...

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On our last day with Constable Watson, the criminal justice
group was able to experience a few things that most people don’t get to do.
Thursday morning we went to New Scotland Yard to meet up with Constable Watson
and Constable Cole. The Constables then to...

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One of my favorite parts of this trip was being able to go
to the theatre. On Wednesday night, I was able to attend the play Lion King at
the Lyceum Theatre. This was my first experience going to this kind of play and
I was awe struck the entire time! It al...

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On Sunday, May 16, 2015, the group and I took a day trip to
see Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. This day was full of mystery and
creativeness. Our first stop was Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a rock
formation that no one knows how it was made or why it was made...

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Magistrates Courts
On Friday, May 15, we were able to go to the Westminster
Magistrates Courts. This is the lowest of the court systems in Great Britain.
We had a tour guide this day, and she used to be a lawyer, so she was able to
give us a lot of information. We learned the...

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Transportation Experiences
I have had a couple busy days, so I haven’t been able to
post like I would have liked to. But I told you all I would explain the Tube to
you, so this is post is about the Tube, but also about the different forms of
transportation, and I will also add a few ...

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Free Day
On day 3 here in London the justice studies group had a free day. During the free day we went to the London Zoo, London Dungeon, and London Eye. It was a lot of walking and riding of the tube, but it was a blast to get to see these different places. On our ...

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Day 2 in London
So technically today is day 3 BUT I didn't really have a chance to sit down and blog yesterday. So this post is about my day yesterday. On Tuesday afternoon we had our first experience in the Tube, which I will also talk about but in a later post. We took t...

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Windsor Castle
Our first stop we had after the airport was Windsor Castle. We took an audio tour of the castle and we learned a lot!!! We learned about the architecture of St. George Chapel and about the different rooms in the States Apartments. St. George's Chapel was st...
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