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Well yeah we'd be better of with scientific advancement but we wouldn't have any morals.
+Trev Warth that's a fallacy! Morals came from humans in the first place, not some invisible sky daddy. We don't need a god to tell us not to harm one another, etc. Never did, never will.
I was just being a sausage :) Giving one of the typical baseless theist arguments.
+Trev Warth so in that logic, all christians are murder rapist pedophiles and the only thing holding them back is the bible? :P
Aaah, ok...I'm pretty used to seeing someone say that in all seriousness...:)
It is a common misconception that the "Dark Ages" was a period of no scientific advancement due to the hold of Christianity over Europe. What historians mean when they say "Dark Ages" is that there are some gaps in the historical timeline due to a lack of good information about that time period. All academic research done has shown scientific progress did not slow down during the dark ages and most of the oppression from Christianity, while real and obviously not desirable, did not negatively impact the European population at large.

I understand the humor in the Family Guy clip and the commentary it makes about the impact of religion today, but I'd expect the namesake of Atheism on G+ to stick to posting things that are true.
+Trev Warth +Eric Ha I'm a little late to this party, but see, it's because of religion that people do awful terrible things. Crusades anyone?
I think Carl Sagan made a similar point to this cartoon at one point in his Cosmos book/TV series. The Greeks were (for their time) fairly sophisticated scientifically; they had the Antikytheras (sp?) device and a number of other technological developments, and Eratosthenes in 230 BC not only figured out the Earth was round but its approximate size as well. Had all this knowledge not been lost and further scientific inquiry stifled by the Church, we may well have been a mature spacefaring civilization by now (albeit one that spoke Greek).

(As an aside, Sagan also rightly laments the burning of the Library of Alexandria as another great blow to the knowledge of mankind.)
Greek isn't so bad.
We'd also have more rational opinions on sexual orientation too. I mean, the original Olympics were a bunch of naked, muscular men, oiled up and wrestling in the mud.
I do, of course, mean in a conceptual sense. It's not like I'm going to go join a nudist colony. I like my t-shirts.
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