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+Ivan Terrible I second that request. And if possible, make sure it's a .png file. Jpeg mangles text.
+Jacob Burrell All I do when an image is blurry on G+ is full screen my Internet browser with F11. Seems to have worked with this image too! :)
Actually, in Hinduism, the commonly accepted story is that Brahma brought forth an egg (from where, I do not know) and broke it. One half created the earth and one the heavens (which makes for pretty skewed halves judging by astronomical observations). Then he went back to sleep, and proceeded to be a dick for the rest of Hindu mythology (seriously, I encourage people to read it. There are some fun stories).
Please can someone redirect me to a Hi-Re image?
Actually the universe is a smidgeon over 13.7 billion years old, not 13.5. Wikipedia lists it at 13.75 +/- .11, while Lawrence Krauss in his book "A Universe from Nothing" puts it at 13.72 with accuracy to 4 significant digits.

I like how Wikipedia's Age of the Universe entry starts out stating that it is a scientific article, and to look elsewhere for "religious and other non-scientific" measures. :)

On the sad side, if you plug in "age of the universe" to Google, the #5 result is an AiG page claiming Earth & the universe are only 6k years old. Wonder if there's a way to get that result moved down a few more places, say, to the next page....
+Andrew Trapp "Actually the universe is a smidgeon over 13.7 billion years old, not 13.5"

Do I hear someone volunteering to update the info-graph? :-D
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