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Bloody hell the Competition Practice is wrecking me, two nights a week but I put so much energy into it, eesh

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I managed to upgrade my gaming rig, and I'm really pleased with the results!

Last year I got an Intel NUC Skull Canyon and threw 32GB in it along with a Samsung 950 SSD. It was good, but not great because of the integrated graphics chip. However, the reason I got it was because of the touted capability of the Thunderbolt 3 port. I managed to snag a pre-order version of the AKiTiO Node, an eGPU enclosure. I dropped a GeForce 1070 into it, cranked everything to Ultra, and my word does Elite feel different now.
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YAY almost exactly a year after getting Combat Elite!

The best part of tonight was when two of us called another players roll as snake eyes and it came up.

The worst part was when the other player declined to call out with me "Oh is that Keira Knightley I hear at the front door?".


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Good morning world! Happy Tuesday, please have your October troll bird and consider backing my Patreon.

Patreon allows me to set aside time and money for art supplies and creative endeavors that I otherwise would likely not be able to create.

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Hmm, was expecting the badger

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Currently enjoying a wave of nostalgia as I re-read the Malory Towers book series by Enid Blyton. I'm going to see if they stand up to my modern sensibilities.

I loved these books as a kid, and would save pocket money to buy the next book from my local bookshop (which my cousin Tania worked at). They're very mid-war, stiff-upper-lip, just-so.

Currently being reminded of Harry Potter, because Hogwarts was based off of various boarding schools by the coast. Will post more thoughts and recollections as I read.

I just signed up with INARA. It's really quite useful. Have been transferring items from my "Ships Log.txt" file into the achievements. Will trawl through my screenshots to get context for other events too.

This means I can now use my flight logs in both EDDiscovery and Inara. Are there any other programs that parse the data, that could be useful?

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Made it to Elite!
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I'm VERY new to PP. If my Power is in Turmoil, what's the best way to assist using combat only? I've run one set of stuff from the HQ to a place that needs fortifying, but it's not pewpew enough for me.
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