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What to do with an older Mac Mini (late 2006 Core Duo) now that Snow Leopard support seems to have dried up?
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The stories on the web today of snow leopard not being supported any more by Apple is not true. The problem that led to the latest security update for mavericks was unique to it. Snow leopard does not have the same vulnerability. 
I can vouch for the fact that the Gotofail vulnerability did not impact Snow Leopard +Marc LeDuc. That doesn't change the fact that good hardware is getting few updates and is past what Apple usually supports. I am not trying to fear monger, just to breath some new life into good (if slow) hardware.
I have the same mini, would love some ideas if what to do with it. In the cupboard at the moment but moving soon, so might get it out for the new house as a server. I find I don't use it now because of the lack of iCloud and because many apps no longer support it. Using my MacBook Air as my main computer. (I wish the App Store provided the last compatible version for download, as it does for iOS ...)
I couldn't agree more +Stuart Jones. I get that not every app maker will support old hardware, but I'm getting a little tired of getting the 'not for your device' dialog. I was so excited when I saw that Mavericks was available, only to find out it wasn't.
you could always format the drive and install Linux or Windows. Even Windows 8 runs pretty snappily on a core 2 duo.
It is a core duo, not core 2 duo to be picky +Bernard Bout =). The real problem is that the hardware is rather custom and Apple doesn't make very good drivers for Windows. I've seen a lot of forums that also say that getting Linux to run properly isn't as easy as it would appear. You have a good ideas, it just might not be the best solution.
+Lee Roche I have installed Windows 8 Preview on an old windows laptop that was bought with Vista - +8 yrs old to test it. Win 8 runs perfectly, installed ALL the drivers automatically, even the fingerprint scanner one that Win7 could not find and runs very snappily.  Only problem is I keep touching the screen the whole time and nothing happens. :)
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