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It's Bon Scott's birthday (or would have been)

So grab your bagpipes and annoy your neighbours

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This is so stupid.
And yet, it makes me a little proud to be a Canadian

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Heard this and thought of you +Fergus Martin

PSA for N. America DST ends tonight

Tonight is the night where we practice that barbaric ritual of tampering with our clocks to fulfill some foolish perversion of standard time zones for no other good reason than, "Just because".

Happy heart attacks, car accidents, and other stupid things that are proven to be connected to this silly ritual.

Disclaimer: Not a fan of the persistence of ideas that are no longer evidently useful or wanted.

Sitting at the airport while a storm rages outside, making me think that I'll be camping out in public for the night.

(Pic if I had better Internet)

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Dear god I want to do this.

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A little 'Easy Listening' on a Thursday
Oh hell YES. Make America Rage Again.

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Let's be honest, do you ever fail the touring test while offering tech support?
Maybe you need to read this:
Yuuuup! My latest bit of freelance work is published on +TechRepublic right now. I appreciate yall fine people checking it out and sharing your thoughts on the subject. I'm pretty passionate about the subject, personally. Your comments are welcomed over on the site and here. THANKS, folks. Now to finish this other piece while driving down i85.

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Nobody should have to bury their baby,
Goodbye buddy,

We're looking out for your Mom
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