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Your average girl.
Your average girl.

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Hey welcome to my page! Here is an essential part of it. Hope you like my blog. <3

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Childhood innocence. :)
For all those who are fond of this tab on my blog. :)

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I have been working on 2-3 drafts simultaneously but I am getting nowhere. Have to write my anthropology assignment, start my research work and also kill my psychology classmates in my head because they annoy the hell out of me.
I will try posting on my blog asap. Till then can you guys help me in keeping it alive by sharing the link?

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Sharing in honour of +Adele Archer's third book:
Hop over to her G+ page to buy the third book of her series. :) Do read this conversation I got to have with her for more information.


I liked the classic look of Google plus. This new one is too fancy. I will get used to it eventually. :/

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A brand new shade from yesterday being shared with you today! This one is dedicated to +Suparna Mondal since she requested to see more stuff on this tab.

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Hey, guys! Thanks a lot for submitting your works. Here's the magazine link for you, in case you missed out! :)

It's okay if your grammar is poor. It's not okay when you make a mockery of the English language or any language for that matter. It is certainly not cool. 
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