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Giveaway for my G+ followers

It is now just over 24 hours until my Kickstarter project closes. To celebate the massive success and get the word out to those who haven't heard about it yet, I'll be giving away a FREE P1 Black pen (in the photo below). What is it? Check out the Kickstarter link below - but with over 1,400 backers and nearly $90,000 raised - people clearly love it!

All you have to do is share this post, and I'll pick one of those that share it (including re-shares) once the project has closed. That person gets a free pen. Enough shares and I may just have to give away an handful!

Then back to your regularly scheduled photography chat!
Time to start writing with a pen you can be proud of. A joy to write with and a pen you can take with you everywhere.
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i heard about these pens rather late. i'm so excited to see them!
For those of us who are pen geeks: A great idea that is gaining a lot of support. 
this pen is clearly awesome, with or without a contest id like one!
Nice. Most important tool in the world: a writing implement. I always have one with me. After watching the video, now I want one of these ones!
Just backed your project. :) Can't wait to get my new fancy pens.
Also backing the project. Hope this pen writes better than my pilot G2 with a sharp .7 mil point. I love pens!
I'm just looking forward to a pen I won't chew through :P
No thanks.
Your welcome.
(not "You're")
Would love to see how this compares to my $160 fountain pen.
Done! close your eyes and choose me as one! pls.
nice pen, ill keep my fingers crossed.
Just backed you. Good luck!
Nice looking pen. I really like the minimalist design and the sleekness of it. Excellent piece of work. I wish you ongoing success with your pen business.
That is such a nice pen can I get one of the giveaways? I told ALL of my friends to see if they like the pen too!
Wow, 291 shares - this thread is really taking off:) All I need now is a +Robert Scoble share and it will be through the moon!
I think that more than 1$ for a pen is too much... I feel wrong for not liking them as much as these other guys do... is anything wrong with me? :S
That, there, is beast. I have a certain fondness for the P1 raw, not going to lie.
D Canty
I am more into fountain pens but they appear to nice pens. A spend more on my pens but one of my cheapest is my 3 preppy's for which I paid 4 bucks and converted to dropper pen, highlighter and fountain pen. Very economical.
+Vito Labalestra Nothing wrong with you at all. I don't get into pens either, but I happen to LOVE gel type pens, where the ink flows very freely like a marker, but it's a metal point. The ink runs out faster, which requires purchasing refills more often, but the superior feel makes it worth it. Also, I purchased about 50 refills in bulk for really cheap ($40) a year and a half ago, and I am barely halfway through them.
+Joe Ohio thanks for the answer. I guess it makes sense... plus I hate when the ink does not flow properly from my pens.
I've shared and will be hoping for the best. I'd really appreciate having such a high quality pen. Congratulations to whoever wins!
Next to the plus one button their are others named comment, hang out and share. Click on the share link and it will ask which circles you want to share with
There's nothing like a great pen..
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