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I'm all up in your interwebz
I'm all up in your interwebz

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In short, you are making it more difficult for active and engaged viewers to be more active and engaged and viewable in a community while simultaneously telling creators that if they wish for this level of community, they should just do it themselves because you aren’t getting clickthroughs on videos response to Gangnam Style. 

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haha It's funny because they are using the tools of corporations against them ahahahaha... haha... oh... No one likes irony? Guess they should have shown up naked with no signs while hair is all greasy and messy and nasty with dreadlocks and facial hair like ZZ top (only in dreadlocks) with no tools to promote their messages to an increasing online world with no chance to give proof of police brutality to court.... you're right... your way is MUCH better and makes MUCH more sense.

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Found via Michael Pinto

Google pointed me here, so I came. Que es esto? lol

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ahh Mickeleh. I've missed you :-)

So I haven't messed with this much... guess I should.
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