A man stood up from the worlds of darkness
A man without a heart from the lost world
He will bring death and destruction
He is supported by the unseen world of evil and darkness....

Clouds of darkness will surround him
His wings are the shadows of evil
He rules by the fear
He rules by the death....

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the shadow of his name
ISIS is the first dark angel of the king of darkness
That has come to bring death and destruction
Do not believe in fear, do not believe in darkness....

At the end his hate will burn on the fields of desolation
His empire will end on the fields of destruction
His hate will burn his wings of fear into ashes
At the end he will be destroyed by his own clouds of evil and darkness….

Because the power of  love is indestructible
The love gives itself away without fear 
The love will burn the shadows of darkness and turn into the brightest light of love
At the end only the love will survive...

Ibelieve Onlyinlove
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