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I Believe Only in the Power of Love
I Believe Only in the Power of Love


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One night the death came to me and he said:
Give me your life
And I said to him
Why would I give my life to you….

And he said: When you give me your life
I will give you everything what you want
I will give you power
I will give you strength….

I will give you all the money of the world
I will give you an army to fight for you
I will give you an empire to serve you and to honor you
But I could never say: Yes….

What can I do with all the money of the world
When I am dead I cannot take it with me
What can I do with an army to serve me when I am dead
What is the use of an army fighting for a dead one….

And the death said to me: I will give you fame. At every large square your statue will arise
Every large street will be named after you. Thousands of books will write down your name
Your name will be remembered for thousands of years
But I could only say: Never….

Why would I care about a statue when I am dead
Why would I care about streets named after me when I am dead
When I am dead I will read no more books
And who cares who remembers me when I am dead….

And the death said to me: But what do you want?
What do you care about. Isn’t there anything important to you?
Don’t you care at all?
And I said. Oh yes: I do care about so many….

I care about friendship.
I care about tenderness.
I care about a warm beating heart of a friend
But most of all: I do care about love….

Then the death became quiet.
The death couldn’t give me that.
I saw the loneliness of his empty heart.
He could only take a life but he could never give it back….

And I felt mercy with the death
And I gave him my friendship for free
I gave him my tenderness for free
I gave with a warm beating heart the death my love for free….

Disappointed the death walked away from me.
I saw my gifts falling out of his empty heart.
Because the death could only take and the death could never give
Lonely the death walked away into the emptiness of his lonely empty heart …….

Ibelieve Onlyinlove
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Love has many faces

In a small town lived a beautiful young man with gorgeous long and thick golden hair and beautiful shiny blue eyes. All the girls in the street fell in love with him and he was so very attractive that also all the boys in the street fell in love with him. Also the boys and the girls from the other streets started to know him and they fell in love too.

In the beginning he liked it but soon he got bored. He slept with all the boys and all the girls in town and at the end he became totally bored. They really loved him but he became mean to them and treated them badly. When he met them the day after they spend the night together, he said to them: Do I know you? Who are you?? And then they got really hurt.

His soul became dark and fragile because of all the pain he caused to the other people. One night, there was a thick heavy mist in town and it was very dark. He just left a café and at the corner of the street there was an old gipsy woman standing. She was shivering from the freezing cold. She asked him for a penny to buy some food. He looked at the woman and he saw how old and how ugly the woman was. Her face was totally wrinkled, she smelled terribly, her hair was thin, grey and very filthy, she had a large nose and she was missing several teeth. She was wearing worn out clothes that smelled terribly. She really looked like an old and ugly witch. He wanted to move on as fast as possible. But she took him by the arm and asked him again: “please, please, one penny to buy some food”. He looked in his pocket and he had only a 10 dollar bill. To get rid of her he gave her the ten dollar bill and moved on as fast as he could.

I happened that night that the old gipsy woman froze to death and the beautiful young man got hit by a car and died on the street the same night. Because of the darkness and the mist, the driver had not seen him.

The space you enter when you die is nor heaven nor hell. It is an in between world. And friends have to come and pick you up to bring you save to heaven. Else the demons will grab you and drag you to their hell. The old gipsy lady had many friends, because she was always very generous to other people. She was taken away soon and was brought save to heaven by her friends . But the beautiful young man had no friends at all. He was waiting there, but nobody came. The demons noticed him and they came closer and closer to him and were ready to drag him to their hell.

The old gipsy lady could feel that the nice young man who gave her the ten dollar was dead and she was very surprised that nobody came to pick up the nice young man. Then she decided to go and to pick him up and save him from the demons. The beautiful young man was totally surprised how beautiful the old gipsy lady looked in the spiritual world. She looked gorgeous. And the old gipsy lady was disappointed that the beautiful young man looked so ugly in the spiritual world. But love makes blind and the old gipsy lady really loved him. And he loved her when he saw how beautiful she was in the spiritual world. They both fell in love and she became the first woman he really loved. And together they walked into heaven.

Ibelieve Onlyinlove,
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We walked together in the streets of loneliness
We walked together in silence on that rainy day
I brought you to the station
To say to you good bye….

I asked you for a kiss before you would leave
And you said to me:
“But don’t you know that my kiss would kill you”
I did not believe you and I asked again….

Before you got in the train, you kissed me with your magical power of beauty….
The train doors closed and you moved away
And then I knew that you would never come back and I felt that your kiss had really killed me….

Ibelieve Onlyinlove
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Please, give me some of your tears
Please give me some of your heart
Please give me some of your pain
Please give me some of your loneliness

Your heart is shining bright in the shadows of the night
the bright lights of the pain
The burning lights of the loneliness
And he crying lights of your bleeding heart

I see you standing in the night when I look up high into the sky
I see you as a star bright shining your pain from so far
Shadows of darkness covering your soul
I see you shining so high, you the bright star of the death

I can feel your pain
I can feel your heart
I can feel your loss
I can feel you so alone

Shining high in clouds of darkness in the sky
Shining so bright your pain into the world
Shining your tears so high in the sky
Shining your light from so far

Wherever I go I miss you the most
Wherever I escape, I can feel you shining in pain
You are the brightest light
In the darkness all around

Now I am standing at your grave
I can see you so clear
I can feel you so bright
I can feel you so near

You died too quick
You died too slow
I could not understand that you were gone
Because I could still feel you so strong

I still feel your love
I still feel your warmth
I still feel your warm loving hugs
I still feel the warm tender touch of your laugh

Yes you are dead, suddenly gone
you were so near
You were so close
I can still feel you in my heart

Please come back to me
And rise from the grave
Come into my heart
And shine like the star of pain

Shine into my soul
Shine into my heart
Shine the pain you feel
Shine into my broken heart

I cried that night, please do not go
I cannot live without your love
I cannot live without your soul
I cannot live without your pain

I remember the tenderness of your loving words
I remember the time that we were one
I remember the time so close and so near
I remember a time that will never come back

Please rise from the grave
And shine like a star
Shine Into the darkness of the night
Shine into my broken heart

I will be the moon high in the sky
A moon red as blood
Shining in pain, shining in tears
A moon so alone, waiting for the bright lights of his star

And high in the sky I will open my heart
And ask you to shine forever you warm loving heart
Deep into me, deep into my soul
Shine into love, the brightest light of all.

Ibelieve Onlyinlove
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Today it was a rainy day
A day with the clouds low and grey
A kind of a funeral day
And I remember my father who passed away when I was still too young….

I remembered him, the hippy from the sixties
The man who never wanted to get old
With his heart full of love and his hair so wild and long
He challenged death on his old rusty motorbike….

And death caught him on his motorbike
He died too young with his heart full of love
I heard the heartbreaking news
And I was left in silence….

His inheritance for me were his records from that time
Names forgotten in the silence and the shadows of the past
And on the rainy silent days I play them
And I feel the love of the generation of his time….

I feel the love of the hippies and the passion of their time
The flower power and the music breaking through the walls of convention
Their so long forgotten dreams
They disappeared in the silence and the shadows of the past….

And now I look around
And I am crying for the dreams
The dreams of love, the dreams of passion of the past
Where did they go, please beautiful dream, please come back….

I look around
And I see the evil won
I see War and I see the starving children
I see endless rows of refugees left behind in the silence of the mud….

Please come back my beautiful dreams
Please come back generation of the past
Please stand up from your graves
And let us hear your music, your music of the passion and the love….

Let us forget ourselves
Let us forget our greed
Let us forget our anger and our fear
Let us dance with you on the music of your time….

Let us dance with you into your graves
And make us feel your love
Make us feel your passion
Tell us that your music did not die….

Make us happy
Make us love
Give us back your innocence
Give us back your music from your heart….

Make us strong and let us fight
To break the walls of convention
Break our greed and our fear with the power of your time
And that the love will rule the world and nobody will be more and nobody will be less……

Ibelieve Onlyinlove
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In an ancient forest
Lived a painter
Not just a normal painter
But an amazing painter with magical powers….

He made the most beautiful
The most special
And the most heart breaking
Soul touching paintings….

One day he saw all his paintings
And he saw that something was missing
And he decided to use his magical powers
And he gave all the paintings a consciousness of themselves….

And the paintings became aware of themselves
Became aware that they existed
And they became aware that they were special
And they were so interested to know how they would look like….

Because the painter loved his paintings
He gave them the magical power of vision
Now they could see themselves
And they could the others….

But the paintings, they were aware
That something was missing
Were they beautiful, were they special
Were they created with amazing colors….

And the painter decided to give them
The magical power of judgement
Now they could see and admire their own beauty
And they could love the hidden beauty in the other paintings….

And the painter was happy
The painter was pleased
That his paintings were living
And that they could admire the beauty of his amazing creations.…

One day, the magical painter
He had to go on a very long trip
He was sad to leave his beautiful creations alone for a while
But he knew that one day he would return to his beloved creations….

His paintings were so special and so very alive
They had received so many magical gifts from their creator
That they could share each other’s beauty
And they let each other know how special they all were….

There was one very special painting that was the most beloved painting of this magical painter
That was created with the colors so special and so beautiful
That none of the other paintings
Had seen this beauty ever before…..

That all the other paintings felt hurt and insecure
And left behind by their creator
Why weren’t they as special
As that very strange painting….

And they shared each other’s awareness
That this painting was not one of them
It had colors, strange and frightening
This painting was a shame for the beauty of them all….

And they all let this very special painting know
How strange and how ugly this painting was
It was a failure and a shame
And every painting excluded this horror out of their group….

In the ancient forest, there was an always burning fire
Created by the powers of the magical painter
So that the paintings
Could admire each other and themselves by day and by night….

And that lonely painting left behind by all of them
Decided that night to burn himself in the magical fire
And with the help of his magical powers
That very special painting moved himself into the hungry flames of the eternal burning fires….

The flames, they ate him alive
His amazing beauty turned into the blackness of coal
And it was like there was mercy
Because it started to rain to extinguish the destroying fire….

That was the moment that the magical painter returned
And he was heartbroken to see his beloved painting dying into the fire
And he saw the blackness of coal
And he could smell the burning paint….

But then something happened
A rainbow appeared between the drops of the rain
And the powerful light of the magical fire
A rainbow appeared with most beautiful colors so special that no one had seen them ever before….

And that is how the rainbow was born in the ancient forest
To remember us all
That those who are extinguished and expelled by us all
Are the most beautiful and beloved ones by the creator of all….

Ibelieve Onlyinlove
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Hey… Psst… Hey.. You….
Yes…You who is reading now my words…..!!
Just only you….
Because you are so special… Yes, you, you really are….

I found you here on this wall
And I saw the beauty of your soul
And I can see how you feel really deep inside….
How you feel so deep inside, totally hidden for the world….

Yes, I know it is getting Christmas
I hope for you it will be a lonely Christmas
Because when you will have a lonely Christmas
You will have a Christmas just like me and then the loneliness will bring us together, you and me….

Because I love it to change my clothes at Christmas
And then I become an old gipsy lady,
A clochard starving in the cold and freezing wind of the night
A little boy lost in the world and bullied by the big guys…

A girl who left her home because she couldn’t live any longer with the lies of the world….
The lies of happiness, the lies of a successful life….
I like it to become the lonely and dependent loser in the streets of a big city….
And when you feel so totally alone at Christmas….

Then we are together you and me….
Connected by the bounds of loneliness, connected by the bounds of love….
And when you go out in the streets desperately looking for a friend….
And you see a beggar, a loser, an hungry old man, a starving old gipsy lady, a child trembling in the coldness of the night….

Then maybe it is me…
Just dressed up in that night to meet you
Because I know you already for so long
Because I saw you coming and reading my words on my wall….

And when you give me then a friendly smile, some food or maybe something to share…
And you say to me “Merry Christmas….” Then you will recognize me That we are friends already for so long….
And as a sign I will make your heart really happy and very, very warm….

Ibelieve Onlinlove
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A warrior in spiritual warfare will never be angry
Because hate is the fire in the soul that kills the love
A fire that will make you weak
A fire that will make you helpless….

A spiritual warrior will never take revenge
Because revenge is the spiderweb of the chains of darkness
A spiderweb hat will tie you down in weakness
A spiderweb that will capture you in the claws of your enemies in the dark worlds of evil….

A warrior in spiritual warfare
Is a warrior in the war between HATE and LOVE
And he will only forgive his enemies
And he will only love his enemies with all the power he has….

Because only he knows the POWER OF FORGIVENESS
Because only he knows the POWER OF LOVE
And only he knows that his road
Will be a Winding Long and Lonely road....

A road with a meaning that goes straight through the deserts of darkness
A road with a destiny that is surrounded by the swamps of doubt
A road that at the very end, while the world is burning in pain and war, will heal the world
A road that will save the world out of the claws of darkness with the POWER OF ETERNAL LOVE….

Ibelieve Onlyinlove
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