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What you don't know about aging will kill you
What you don't know about aging will kill you


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Dr. Jim is giving a free talk at the Walden’s Men’s Breakfast Meeting on Friday, July 1st at 7:30 AM.

The topic is –

“Aging is not a four letter word.”

Every single person starts to age from the time they are conceived; the process is well defined. It is molecular ─ entirely. Understanding the molecular transformations your body is undergoing will help you help it. Come and find out how. You will enjoy being there.

Ladies are invited to attend.

Invite friends that you want to keep around!

More info -
Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements
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The Wall Street Journal published an important article on the beneficial effects of caloric restriction on Multiple Sclerosis. You might immediately think ─so what─ but you would be missing the profound implications: reducing calories not only is the best antiaging, health promoting activity, it reduces the ravages of chronic disease already acquired.
Fasting is part of every major religion. It has a variety of meanings, not the least is increased mental alertness. There is abundant scientific data that clearly shows increased healthy lifespan is associated with caloric restriction of 10% to 30% of what would be consumed if unlimited foodstuffs were made available. An increase of 20% to 50% is seen in yeasts to primates. And this is not from fasting, just limiting available food.

Think on these matters.
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Dr. Jim is giving a free talk on Heart Disease 
Thursday, May 5th at 12:00 pm in Montgomery, TX. 

Heart Disease is the number one cause of death in the USA.  More people than live in San Francisco will suffer heart attacks this year.  Most people don’t know they have Heart Disease until they have a heart attack.  Then one of four who had heart attacks will die. The other three will have damaged hearts plus medical bills.
Topics include –
•  Knowing if you have Heart Disease and what to do about it
•  Rapidly receiving medical attention saves lives; yet, the average time to arrive for medical treatment when having a heart attack is over 2 hours!  Know and be prepared.
•  The best cure for Heart Disease is knowing how to prevent it from affecting your life.     
More Information at -
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Come to a Free Talk on - “Motivation Inspiration: Getting on with Life.”

Topics covered will include -

* Motivation comes from setting goals, breaking barriers, and drawing strength from achieving aspirations
* Digging a rut is easy but realizing it stifles life requires one to climb out and live
*Besides when deep enough it could become a crypt
*Motivation battles depression

Come and be better equipped to age well.

Further information & directions -
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Want your MOJO back? Do you want to rekindle a realistic zest for life? Do you want to smile at adversity? Do you want to be back in charge?

Dr Jim is giving a free talk on - 
“The Magic of a Dynamic Life: Motivation to Get Your MOJO back”

At the Walden Yacht Club in Montgomery, TX on Thursday, March 10th at 12:45 pm. Lunch ($15) begins at noon.

Come expecting a new lease on life, if you choose to embrace the message.

For more information, click this link -
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Dr. Jim is speaking at the Walden Yacht Club in Montgomery, TX on Thursday, March 10th at 12:45 pm.
The topic is entitled, “The Magic of a Dynamic Life: Motivation to Get Your MOJO back II”
We will cover:

*Improve your MOJO, if you still have it.
*MOJO regarding your life is a magic word; it smiles at adversity and its theme song becomes, “Hit me with your best shot.”
*MOJO recognizes that there is an underlying vibrant meaning to experiencing a lively right-on life and puts you back in charge.
*MOJO rekindles a realistic zest for life
*MOJO is the self-confidence that one can perform in the manner they want to live.
*Come expecting a new lease on life, if you choose to embrace the message.
We strongly recommend reservations, especially for the actual lunch but also for the free talk so we will be able to accommodate everyone. At the recent events, we were close to turning people away, which we don’t want ever to do. Call (936) 582-4222.

Lunch is $15 and begins at noon.

Dr. Jim’s free talk begins at 12:45 PM.

There is a door prize for those having lunch.

Directions and more information
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Avoiding Lifestyle-Associated Problems

Lifestyle has the simplest definition for one of the most complicated doings possible. Lifestyle is simply the particular way an individual or group chooses the living style they wish to embrace. I realize the words life and living are considered synonyms. But in this overview, life and living differ. Living is a consolidation of experiences involving many choices whereas life is the biochemical phenomena which are unbelievably complex which keep us alive so we can live. How we choose our living to go, ergo lifestyle, profoundly influences our life giving apparatuses. To a profound extent, these apparatuses determine how long and how well our living goes.

I previously used the metaphor of a swimming pool. The living process is the water in our swimming pool; our lives are filled by the important things. The solid material “pool” (our lifestyle) simply contains the essential thing. We ignore its importance because, as the water in our pool, it is just there. How we manage the water in our pool profoundly determines the quality of the pool.

More at -
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Visit our website at -
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The next Walden Health Luncheon is this Thursday, (Feb. 11)  when the talk will be “Lifestyle-Related Ailments: Living Better Longer.”

Topics will include: Sedentarism, social isolation, dietary lifelines, and superior sleeping. Yes, you can be in charge even of your sleep.

Things, important things don’t just happen, we will them or they will us through inattention. Sensible people, beyond adolescence, are not careless with possessions, except generally their health.

Come at noon for a great lunch $15 or come at 12:45 pm for the free insight. There will be a door prize!       

For information and directions go to -
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The Framingham Study of Heart Disease started following over 5,000 residents of Framingham Massachusetts in 1948 and continues today for three generations.  You can use the data from this remarkable study to calculate your risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years by going to  I hope it is low.

The Walden Health Talk tomorrow is on heart disease. Call 936-582-4222 to reserve a spot. For more information -
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