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Amanda Dicken
Freelance artist, arts instructor, figure drawer, and portrait artist.
Freelance artist, arts instructor, figure drawer, and portrait artist.

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Squirrel Portrait
Working on a new project of  5" x 7" animal portraits with their frames! Here's the squirrel: Started with this 5" x 7" simple pencil drawing after figuring out which pose of a squirrel would work best.  Then simplified the lines and added some fur and cont...

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Grandma and Me Re-work
With a new showing of my work coming up unexpectedly, and a couple of pieces already in other places, I decided to rework this portrait which had been sitting in my portfolio/closet for almost 2 years. Originally started the summer of 2015, I never had a gr...

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Artwork Evolution
Even though I always enjoyed this black and white version of my mom as a child, I decided to colorize it a bit, and finally give her a frame after about a year of sitting in a portfolio. Here's the transformation: Photo I used for the piece, which began as ...

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Keeping Busy
Can't believe it's been September since I've posted anything, but that's what happens when I'm focused and busy. However, my January show was a success, especially since one sold! Woo!  Here's how it was laid out before the opening: All of these can be foun...

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Self-Portrait Reboot
Almost three years ago I made this self-portrait, a piece I really liked at the time which ended up selling at a show a couple years ago: There was a frame around it, but I never got a great picture before it sold. For my upcoming show, I decided to do a ne...

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Aunt Lynda/Ft. Myers
I really need a new camera, which these pictures will attest, because both the lighting and focus is terrible. However, I did want to add them to show to progression of this portrait. So first, the picture: And then the drawing: Halfway through the watercol...

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Thomas A. Hite's Makeover
Once again, I've been terrible at posting updated happenings on here, but I've managed to not be terrible at documenting the drawing process of my new paintings! Time and work has gotten in my way, but that shouldn't be an excuse. I should be actively keepi...

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Grandma and Gilded Frame
Since giving Grandma's portrait a facelift a while back, she's been sadly sitting on the floor of my studio waiting for a new frame. I felt terrible ripping that frame apart, because it was one of my favorites, but it was also glued to the portrait (life is...

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Art Lotto Portrait
Here in town there's an annual art competition called "Art Lotto", where people sign up to put their names in a hat, to be picked randomly by other people who will in turn create their portrait in any style they'd like. It's a good way to meet people and co...

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Uncle Jim Gets a Makeover
Uncle Jim's portrait was only supposed to take a couple days max to revise. Instead, after a week of saying "ok, he's finally done...maybe", I think I can say that sentence without the "maybe". Here's Uncle Jim before I started: This was always one of my fa...
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