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Michal Wong's FZ94 and Avirnaki
There's another new FZ94 owner in the growing landscape of FZ9 machines on the world. Welcome Michael Wong! Michael bought the complete FZ94 & Avirnaki set at the recent SCAA2017 event in Seattle and brought it back with him to Vancouver. Michael writes: Si...

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"Hands Off" roast on FZ94 by Artisan
Using the "alarms" functionality of Artisan, one can repeat a successful roast on the CoffeeTech FZ94 roaster. Artisan pushes the buttons and moves the sliders to regulate airflow and heater energy at certain pre-planned intervals and the result is a practi...

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New VST 25(!)g filter basket
Packed with another order that was delivered here tonight, Vince Fedele of VSTlabs added one of the new series of 25g filter baskets that they are now offering. Can't wait to try it out in the morning!

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Gabor Kormendi's FZ94
There's another FZ94 owner in town! In this case, in Budapest. Gabor Kormendi bought the FZ94 on display at the World of Coffee conference that's happening this week: It seems that the Coffee-Tech staff themselves are not yet equipped to demonstrate the use...

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Roasting wet hulled Sumatra Mandheling -- a few profile snapshots
In March I purchased a 60kg bag of "Specialty prep Sumatra, wet hulled mandheling" for € 627. Green bean moisture 9,9% Profiles logged using Artisan , moisture measured with the Wile device , roast color from Tonino . Two friends took 15kg each and I roaste...

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The Four Daltons
COMPAK models R120, E8, E6 and E5 lined up next to LONDINIUM L-R More about this setup soon.

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Building a PROBAT
That is how it's done: Roaster Puzzle from Kavekalmar on Vimeo .

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Tasuku's FZ94 with manual heating power control
A month ago, Tasuku Yamane from Japan's Coffee Works Plus has received another new variation of the FZ94 from Coffee-Tech.  This one can manually limit the power going to the heating elements, from 100% down to 0% and an analog gauge shows the current going...

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Fuji's PXG4 discontinued, replaced by PXF4
Fuji has stopped producing the PXG4 unit that I have been using so far as a PID device and it will be replaced by the PXF4 : The PXF4 looks very good as well and it even has a nice USB connection: And it still has the MODBUS communication option so that's g...
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