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New Year Journalling
What was the single best thing that happened this year? There are some really nice things that happened this year… I got to go to Ireland and see a lot of things that I’ve only heard about the last ten years. We took the kids on a cruise, and that was a lot...

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January Changes
I began 2017 with some new changes – some planned, some I
fell into out of necessity. But I wanted them to be small. January is a cold
dark month, and small is the only way I can get through it. So, a few of them… I started a
couple small body-health relate...

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The Possibility of January
I always imagine January as a big open field covered by a blanket of fresh snow - bright, white, and blinding as far as the eye can see -- unblemished by footprints. It's a new canvas to paint on, a blank journal to fill. Of course that's not entirely true....

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The Morning After
I am worried. I am worried that we (apparently) elected a president that ran a campaign which glorified hatred. I am deeply troubled by the angers that revealed about us. You worried about the 2nd amendment with Clinton... I'm worried about the 1st. I'm wor...

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You Aren't The Words
Words. There are a lot of words thrown around at us, and around us, and about us.  We hear those words and we let them become a part of us. We listen to them and we think we are  them. And that would be okay, were it not for the words not always being true....

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Women, Worth, and the Supreme Court
The other day, I had an interesting conversation with my husband before he went to work -- which I would like to try to relay without throwing him under the bus. He'd been listening to NPR the day before, and the show had had a woman on as a guest -- who I ...

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TT: The Night We Killed One
"Seven billion people in the world and you're overreacting because we killed one?" "But --!" "Seven. Billion. People. Quit complaining and drink your smoothie.  Geez." Dad had always said to do whatever my brother told me. Ben knew best. Ben always knew bes...

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Opening a Closed Door
I think that sometimes it's good to really know. I found out how I really felt recently. I had a relationship that had petered out and I felt a lot of different ways about it... a lot of conflicting ways. I had been sad. I had been mad. I had been indignant...

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Belfast and a Castle
Well, I realized I never finished the Ireland trip here....  so the last day! (As I can remember it!) SATURDAY - Belfast and Cabra Castle So, on Saturday, we woke up and enjoyed our last breakfast in Ballycastle, and then got in the car and drove down to Be...

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Derry and the Northern Coast
THURSDAY - Derry We woke up this morning and went downstairs to the basement at our B&B in the Moy and had breakfast. Watching my husband try to drink coffee out of teacups with teeny-tiny handles is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. And then we ma...
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