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Joye Sistrunk, CPA
"Make Dollars Make Sense."
"Make Dollars Make Sense."


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A Reference Guide For Business Deductions!
With Christmas just 12 days away, it seems as though many people find themselves "scrambling to the finish line" because there is still so much to get done. With that being said, we are definitely not trying to pile any more items on your "To-Do List." But,...
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New Rules that Impact Nonprofits!
Click Here for more on the new Rules New Rules that Impact Nonprofits Do you know about the New Financial Reporting Rules that
Impact Nonprofit Organizations starting in December 2017? My name is Joye Sistrunk, Principal of Premier Group and I
am here to he...
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Cash Flow Monitoring for Small Businesses
Click Here for More on Cash Flow Today,
we are going to talk about the importance of Cash Flow monitoring for small
businesses. Based on a study, 82%
of  business failures ,
are from poor management of cash flows… No
wonder they say, Cash is King! Running o...
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Tax Tips for the Extension Filers out there!
Click Here for more on Extension Filing Life is hectic! Sometimes April 15 th ,
comes around way too soon and you need more time to get your tax information in
order.   Hopefully your tax accountant
filed an extension for your personal taxes to give you jus...
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4 Tips to make your Audit Work For You!
Click Here Hi, I'm Jasmine
Richardson the Lead Auditor here at Premier Group Services and I wanted to give
you four quick tips to make your audit work for you. Tip #1: Throughout the
year when you have different issues come up; if you have a question about ...
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$5K Maryland Student Loan Tax Credit Due 9/15!
If you’re anything like me, you’re still dealing with
Student Loan Debt and looking for creative ways to pay Sallie Mae all of her
money back.  Well, I want to talk to you
today about a new Tax Credit that is being offered by the State Of Maryland to
help y...
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Tax Day – April 18th, Top 6 Things to Know!
T ax Day – April
18th, Top 6 Things to Know! Written By: Joye S. Sistrunk, CPA Tax returns are due today -- April 18,
2017 –If you are scrambling and are unsure of what to do, here are the top 6
Things you should know: 1.File something. The best thing you c...
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Don’t let the 04/18th tax deadline sneak up on you
  Just in case you didn't
know the tax deadline is on Tuesday April 18 th. If the tax deadline snuck up on you and you
don’t know which way to go with filing your taxes or an extension, we can help! Don’t
waste another second, Give
us a call today at (301) ...
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What Happens if I Can’t Pay the IRS?
        Written By: Joye Sistrunk, CPA If
you are shaking in your boots because you owe the IRS; the first thing is to
take a break and not panic. We are here to explain your options! Do not let the
inability to pay 100% of the tax liability prevent the pre...
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There is Great News if you Missed the Corporate Deadline
a business can be very challenging and there never seem to be enough hours in
the day. There are times that we are so busy trying to meet all our client deadlines
that we let some things fall through the cracks. If that something was your
corporate ...
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