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I hate being in the place where your body needs to fall asleep but you also know that you need to stay awake because you're at work its the worst feeling to think that you're drifting off and people are looking at you. #tired 

Daryll in the new Walking Dead episode had a cringe worthy moment when he took his arrow out of a walker and the next scene he was holding it in his mouth. Don't think I would put walker guys in my mouth. #TheWalkingDead 

Great game tonight to Colt McCoy of the #Redskins. #ColtMcCoy 

It irritates the crap out of me how Hunter Pence wears his pants. #worldseries 

Looking for something witty about how bad the Bears look, but I can't, I'm at a loss for words but the word sucks comes to mind. #gobears #chicagobears

I love the fall, but I don't love the falling part of the fall because I then have to rake up all that falls.

Need a recipe for a good appetizer for a large amount of people?

Amazes me working in a hospital how many people just give up and gain tons of weight.  Never to old to get in better shape along with the decrease of their health problems just by getting into better shape by losing some weight.
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