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The guy who gets things done.
The guy who gets things done.

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This trailer debuted during Geek Bowl at Austin City Limits this year, hence the focus on Texas.

In other news, guess who finally gets to go back to hosting a weekly show?  After two years on the night shift, I finally got a new job.  And what does that mean?

I get my pub quiz back.

Starting on Tuesday the 15th, I'll be hosting at Pies and Pints from now into forever.

+Tiara Walker , +Dean G , I can probably drag you guys out, right?  We'd have to get +Nicholas Casey to commute a few thousand miles, but it'd be nice to get everyone back together.

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Nice little almost-ambient track from +David Cornwell.  Just hit play and go do whatever you were going to do anyway.  You'll thank him.

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A little something some friends and I made at a crash film competition recently.  When I first conceived the idea, I didn't think it would be that hard.  How wrong I was.

Special thanks to +Mary Kawamura, +M McArtor, and +Ann KM.
Check out the film we made this weekend for the Renton Film Frenzy.
Gene Coulonn isn't the type to get his feathers ruffled. He's got a good job and a girl he still can't believe shares a nest with him. But when heartbreak and murder leave Gene with egg on this face, he's got no choice but to turn sleuth in this noir thriller starring a cast of chickens.

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Silmarillion is a truly remarkable work. As some of you may know, I suffer from insomnia. At times, even strong medication cannot help me sleep. However, half a page from this masterpiece, and I drop quicker than a poleaxed ox. Thank you Professor Tolkien, you saved me yet again.

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I'm back from California.

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As someone who lived in Seattle for 10 years with no car, I had to take a cab sometimes, and then I got Uber.  Yes, Yellow Cab should be worried that someone else has but together a far better product.  Why would that mean that the better product should be shut down?

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Our cat tree costs more than the rest of our furniture.

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+Geoffrey McVey, I feel that only the sort of rigorous cultural dialogue that you and I share will allow me to fully appreciate this particular piece of media.

An eight course dinner with paired wine for each plate is a wonderful experience.  However, there is no such thing as too much coffee the next morning.
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