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Andrew Steele
I am me If you would like to learn any more it is safer to ask.
I am me If you would like to learn any more it is safer to ask.

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I think this may not be real. Haha. It is however awesome.

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This is the most hilarious creepiest thing I have ever seen.

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this is hilarious. And cute.

So... my external just crashed I think it will boot up but just makes a clicking sound and the computer doesn't notice it. It's not the biggest of deals it just has a number of personal projects and finished projects on their. most of the finished stuff I can get off Flickr if I had to but I would love to get some stuff if it was at all possible.

So that leads me to the question of the day. Anybody know if I have a chance of making this thing work again and if I do how do I go about it?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

... It is a Fantom Drive... 250gb external.

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A good article about the deviding America. Be it the Tea Party or the marchers on Wall Street.

What is your favorite Concept Album?

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Call your rep. And senator today.

Well somebody hates me... I just lost an image I had been working on for a month now. It is the only image to get corrupted from the whole drive... How does that even happen.

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This is funny.

I was going to put this on Google Reader but found that I can't put anything on Google Reader any longer and neither can I read stuff that I put up there in the past. That irritates me that Google has made it so that I (and the people that I want to share with) have to put it on G+ now instead of where we put it for years.

I loved the news when G+ was coming out. I am now slightly irritated every time that I see that Google is making changes to their old stuff like reader and gmail because I know that they will actually be deleting things that I use all the times and making me figure out how to do it now on G+.

Sorry my rant is over now you can watch small children cry.
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