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Holly Scudero
Wife, mama, book reviewer, birth junkie
Wife, mama, book reviewer, birth junkie

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Review: Birth Work As Care Work
These days, more and more pregnant people are starting to spend time researching birth before actually giving birth. They’re researching where they’ll give birth, who their care providers will be, who their support team will consist of. And yet, as a societ...

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Review: Harvest
Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with some of those more obscure fruits or veggies that come in your weekly CSA box? What does one do with quince? How about huckleberries? Or what if you decide to be a little adventurous in your own gardening ...

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An Rh Sensitized Pregnancy (Part 3)
Somewhere between 30 & 31 weeks  About 28 weeks into my pregnancy, my baby started to show potential signs of anemia. At that point, we'd been doing weekly ultrasounds for quite some time (I've honestly lost track of how long exactly). Half of those ultraso...

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Review: Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth
If you go to your nearest bookstore, you will no doubt find an extensive selection of pregnancy books : general guides ,
week-by-week or even day-by-day books, books geared towards "natural"
mamas, books that appeal to "cool" mamas, books for dads, books ...

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Review: Happy, Healthy Pregnancy Cookbook
It's no secret that a healthy diet is extremely important during
pregnancy. Every pregnancy book ever devotes a substantial section to
food: how much, which nutrients, what to avoid. Okay, but what should a pregnant mama be eating instead? There
are plen...

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Review: Tox-Sick
In this modern era, we are literally surrounded by poisons. That's one of the primary messages that well-known author Suzanne Somers wants readers to take away from her new book, Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick .
Not only are we surrounded by poisons, but...

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Review: Punderdome
Puns are a way of life. For some people, anyway. For some of
us, the puns just flow. Puns about food, puns about jobs, puns about
current events. If you fall into this category of people, a game like Punderdome is right up your alley. This
game is litera...

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Review: Against All Grain Celebrations
Paleo is a relatively new way of eating, and despite the abundance of
blogs that have jumped on board with the idea, many who follow Paleo
have a hard time with family get-togethers. This is all the more
apparent at this time of year, with Thanksgiving a...

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An Rh Sensitized Pregnancy (Part 2)
It has long been a mantra of the natural birth birth community that "women's bodies aren't broken." And long have I subscribed to that idea, since I was pregnant with my son and even through both of my miscarriages. Even now, I still believe it, at least in...

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Review: Amazing Animal Facts
We all know that "adult" coloring books are all the rage right now. But what about adult coloring... post cards? Okay, so I've got to admit that I've seen a few different colorable postcard sets floating around, but none are quite as fun and informative as ...
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