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It's a long read but +Graham F McElearney covers a lot of important ground... he's right, we do need some guidelines on how to use Google apps in teaching.
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We've also been thinking about issues of ownership, access and retention particularly with regards to the use of Gdocs for assessment of collaborative work. I asked about this at the Google day last semester and one way forward appeared to be via the departmental google account. Ownership of documents would begin with departments and linked to courses via MOLE2 perhaps. It would be useful to explore with students, admins and academics how this or other approaches would work.

We still see MOLE2 as the hub of our students' online learning and the most likely starting point for online activity in GA. Has there been any progress with Bboogle to this end? 
Cheers Dan! +Paul Jinks - let's pull this one back into the fold - I'll email you and we can arrange a chat - I'm looking to explore some exemplar case studies where we can work this all through G+
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