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OK, I give up. I can't see folks who have circled me (and I have circled back). I can't back out to an older enough version of Play Games to eliminate the Gamer ID.

Anyone want to be friends on Facebook? My name there is the same as it is here, and it's unique. 

Hello! I've been gone from this group for ages, so sorry if I'm rehashing old news!

So, I got scared off by the whole install-and-reinstall-old-play-games thing, but I'd really like to connect with folks here. I have friended a bunch of random people from the World Market so that I'd have somebody to help with dives to get prestige points. I'm seeing a bunch of what looks like Google Play Games accounts pop up and drop off that list.

So, I came back here to see if I can connect with folks, but I see that there's still a pinned post on how to get rid of the Google Game ID. Do we still need to do this? I'm hopelessly confused.

I circled a few people who are posting here. You're welcome to circle me back. My Games ID is Echoweaver.

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So, Google finally made a system I can understand for linking Blogger blogs to Google+ profiles and pages. We have a travel/adventure blog we want to start up again after a problem uploading pictures to WordPress like three years ago lead us to sideline it. But right now, the blog I am keeping is my Sims 3 legacy blog :).

For those of you who wanted to be part of my gaming circle, you're welcome to circle +Susan's Sims 3 Legacy , and I can share the posts directly to that page :).

I see that the notification system has changed on Google+. I've been pretty out of the loop recently. I guess folks who want to get notifications from me must do it themselves now. I think I am figuring out how. Sorry if I'm spamming folks with email who didn't want it. Still figuring this out.
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This is a meme I picked up from +Alyse Middleton that is worth spreading.

I had sex before I was married. Many times. With several different people. I used birth control every single time. And I'm not sorry for any of it; this is perfectly normal behavior.

Any politician who voices the slightest problem with this will not be getting my vote, my money, or my effort. Voting for someone who holds you up to public contempt is self destructive.

I'm not self destructive. How about you?


This is MY meme that I want to spread:

I am married and monogamous. I have child(ren). I use birth control. I am proud to be having a great sex life with my spouse, even though we don't want more children right now.
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So fabulous
Originally shared by ****
Love this!
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So how come I have a steady stream of people adding me to their circles as an exercise in spam on Google+, but this isn't happening on Facebook? On FB, I've had maybe 2-3 people, all of them clearly adult content pushers, try to friend me for marketing reasons in two years. Here, I'm getting that many per week, and they're authors and other folks who look like they're building more reasonable business models.

I consider this behavior something that should be stopped. Spurrious circle notifications and/or friend requests from strangers for marketing reasons are spam, plain and simple. What is FB doing that G+ is not?
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Grr. My recent reading on Google and its real names fiasco has really dimmed my enthusiasm for the service. (Example article:

So Google wants people who "stand for something" and are "willing to express themselves."

Funny. I just want a nice service with a good user interface that allows me to communicate the way I want to.

Facebook drives me nuts. It has a big privacy scandal about quarterly, immediately followed by Zuckerberg giving a bunch of speeches about how he's doing us all a favor by splatting our private information all over the place without our consent. I figured that Google, while not exactly angelic, would have more pragmatic motivations. Now here is Schmidt using the same stupid rhetoric about the greater social good. Screw that. Google has no more idea what the greater social good is than Facebook, and Facebook has a big head start in userbase. And at least Zuckerberg doesn't usually give interviews telling people not to use his service because his principles are so damn good.

Clue: A service like this doesn't help its success by saying, "If you don't like our policy, go away because there are plenty of people who do." Users are capricious. Don't think your five minutes of novelty is a predictor of future success.

I like the G+ interface. It fills my long-form posting needs a lot better. It'd be nice if Google made good on its initial commitment to provide a sane social networking alternative.

What are people doing to be really annoying about this issue? I've sent feedback. Anything else short of canceling accounts?

(ETA: Different example article that I thought was more thoughtful.)
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